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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | October 17, 2021

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Up Close with Black Milk

Up Close with Black Milk

| On 05, May 2015

For those for whom too many tights are not enough.

From humble beginnings, James Lillis was started blogging back in 2008 as Too Many Tights. It was from here he started up Black Milk in Brisbane 2009. Black Milk distributes online since he has always been online his collection has always been an international brand.  As stated by Cameron Parker, “Online gives you the opportunity to sell to everyone and anyone”.

Black Milk specialise in nylon and their clothing lines vary from leggings to swimsuits and gym gear. Their clothing line has high-resolution digital prints of lord of the rings, star wars and even cartoons such as adventure time.

We spoke to Alex Caton, a representative for Black Milk.

TCI: What is Black Milk’s biggest inspiration?

AC: Black Milk’s designers draw inspiration from whole different areas and our designers have a lot of creative freedom. A lot of our ideas are inspired by a type person, we have an idea for this character and we build costumes around that.

We create such a huge range of products; we pull in inspiration from our fans and community. Or we will put up a few designs and ask for the community’s opinion as we value our customer’s opinions.

CD: What is Black Milk’s Direction for the future?

AC: We recently changed our release structure so we release new clothes every week. Releasing new clothes every week means that if there is something you don’t like then you don’t have to wait a month for another new releases. We value being highly responsive and being able to change according the people are after.

CD: Why is Black Milk heading down the direction of gym gear?

AC: Our community is very diverse; we’ve had a lot of requests for workout gear. So it was a natural step to start working on the gym gear. It’s a very challenging market break into and were taking our time and making sure were doing it absolutely right.

CD: When creating a new line what kind of research is conducted?

AC: With the license deals, the licensers will send the packs saying ‘look this is what you can use, go for gold’ which makes it a lot easier. Black Milk will really immerses themselves with the idea do background research.

CD: What makes Black Milk Different?

AC: We are super passionate about what we do. We keep everything in house from designs to printing to sewing we don’t out source.



Black Milk will release it’s next range on the 5th of May.