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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | September 19, 2020

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Coconut oil: unspoken beauty benefits

Coconut oil: unspoken beauty benefits

| On 01, Oct 2013

Hello, my name is Ronnie and I’m a coconut-oholic.

I guarantee any member of my family or friendship group would confirm that I have an unusual obsession with all things coconut.

I’m almost ashamed to admit I have been the subject of an intervention where loved ones have tried to tell me it’s not normal to lather your entire body (hair and face included) with coconut oil.

Unfortunately they have all been unsuccessful in attempts to curb my enthusiasm and I’ve even been able to persuade many of them to adopt the miracle oil into their own beauty routines.

From months of my own extensive research, I present you with a list of my top six uses for coconut oil. I’ve happily put myself forward as a guinea pig for each and every one of the treatments below and can confirm they are all effective and an absolute must-try.

Top six coconut oil beauty treatments:

  1. Hair mask – fight those split ends and try the DIY mask below
  2. Anti-aging protection –use overnight by dabbing the coconut oil with fingertips around the eyes where fine lines often make their debut appearance
  3. Body balm – works well as an all over intensive moisturiser especially in dry areas like the elbows
  4. Exfoliating scrub – see my delicious recipe below for a scrub which exfoliates and moisturises all in one
  5. Make up remover –by rubbing gently onto the area around the eyes it helps to remove stubborn mascara and eye make up
  6. Lip balm – soothes and helps to heal chapped lips

I’ve been using the following homemade coconut sugar scrub for the past two weeks and have noticed my skin becoming more and more radiant and healthy looking.

Coconut sugar scrub:

  • Half a cup of melted down unrefined coconut oil (30sec in the microwave will do the trick)
  • One cup of dark brown sugar (the dark brown sugar granules are extra fine so the scrub isn’t too harsh on your skin)
  • Half a teaspoon of vanilla essence (as if you didn’t want to eat this scrub already)

Combine all of the ingredients and scrub generously while in the shower for soft and glowing skin. The best part… no need to moisturise afterwards!

The delicious DIY coconut sugar scrub

The delicious DIY coconut sugar scrub

As a girl with naturally fine, frizzy and uncontrollable hair, I put my locks through a lot of heat-related trauma when it comes to styling.

I’ve found that leaving coconut oil in my hair overnight as a mask not only helps reduce split ends but also helps control my frizz.

Coconut oil hair mask:

  • Apply a generous amount of warmed coconut oil to dry hair, coating it from just above the ears right down to the tips
  • Wrap an old towel around the hair or apply a shower cap
  •  Leave for as long as one hour to overnight if comfortable
  • Shampoo and condition hair before styling as normal

Before you start experimenting with any of the above, make sure you know what you’re looking for as some coconut oils contain hidden nasties and additives.

You want to invest in a bottle of unrefined (or virgin/extra-virgin) and organic coconut oil. These may be a little more expensive but well worth it for a high quality and natural product.

A 1L bottle will set you back anywhere between $15-$25 dollars and can be purchased at any health food store as well as certain pharmacies.

No go forth and spread the word about coconut oil!