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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | July 12, 2020

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Coloured State of Mind

Coloured State of Mind

| On 10, Apr 2014

Racism. A state of mind where one person believes they are better than another because of the colour of their skin.

History shows that this state of mind is often prevalent within Caucasian society. From the African American slave trade, to the destruction of Aboriginal territory in Australia, to Nelson Mandela and his fight for freedom from apartheid, it seems that some people believe the colour of their skin makes them a better and more civilised breed of human.

This is wrong and I am thankful to the millions of other humans who can support this view.

As time has progressed it has become almost unfashionable to be racist. It is considered a trademark of the uneducated, naïve and downright stupid. Especially since the media has taken a liking to producing more and more stories about the past horrors of discrimination in our history. With films like 12 Years A Slave, Hotel Rwanda and Rabbit-Proof Fence all becoming iconic cultural depictions.

12 Years A Slave. Image from Pintrest

12 Years A Slave. Image from Pintrest

However, what disgusts me is that despite the fact that the majority of slavery has been abolished, people are still faced with this coloured state of mind. I see it occurring everyday in my own country of Australia. People are so naïve to the fact that we as a society continue to discriminate against our own Indigenous people. Aboriginals are constantly faced with a barrier in life, built by those who see an unbreakable wall between black and white.

As a University student, who has spent the last five years studying a dual degree of Journalism/Arts majoring in Political Science and International Relations, I face questions everyday about on how to better our society. From human rights, to power relations, war tactics to the inevitable crash of capitalism, I feel so hopeless and unable to make a difference. That is, until I realised I could write my thoughts and share them with the world. Even if only three people read my thoughts at least I am attempting to make a change, take a stand and question the status quo.

We need to make individuals accountable for hate speech, racism and discrimination. No longer will racist comments be acceptable. We are living in the 21st Century, a time when we shouldn’t judge each other due to the colour of our skin or our gender. It is so unbelievable that people can actually think that white equates to superiority. Everyone is the same. Inevitably we arrive in this world equally, and then depart this world as equals. There is nothing that sets us apart other than this bizarre state of mind driven by the need to categorise.

So I propose to take a stand and make a change. I will no longer allow others to continue with their racist remarks. I will educate people on the power of their words. And I will uncover the negative connotations behind those sometimes unknowingly racist comments. The one person you can influence means one less set of monochrome eyes.


I urge people to use social media and share your thoughts with the world in the hopes of making a positive influence in this race driven society. We want a world where people flight for what they believe and not allow others to simply stand idly by and enjoy the show.

Do you want to look back on your life and think I left no mark on this world? Or look back and believe yes, I made a difference and left this world a better place.