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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | July 16, 2020

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Contour: the "Melbourne look"

Contour: the “Melbourne look”

| On 26, Oct 2015

Introducing Nadine Karaan, a young makeup enthusiast.
Karaan says, “Makeup is my life. It’s not about looking fake or like a Barbie doll, it’s about having control over myself. Being able to give myself a look, but still know it’s me underneath.”
While coming into her teen years, Karaan began applying simple makeup to her face with whatever she found in her mum’s drawers. As she got older, she discovered her interests and talents in makeup and that’s where she put her steady hands to good use.

Karaan says, “Most of what I knew was self-taught. YouTube tutorials were my main focus as they taught me all the basics I needed to know.”
At the beginning of the year, Karaan enrolled into Beauty EDU to further her knowledge and abilities.
Karaan says, “Beauty EDU taught me everything I needed to know.
Throughout my studies I bought everything. My room is full of all the makeup I need and my business is building slowly. At the moment I am sitting on a minimum of three clients a week and for me it isn’t a job, it’s a hobby.”

The new look of Melbourne is becoming more attractive by the day. Girls are applying the new ‘contouring’ look on a night out and buying the famous brands of Melbourne daily.
Stores such as Inglot, Napoleon Perdis, The body Shop and Mac, are a few of the many places that young girls and professionals like Karaan are getting their products from.
Karaan says, “I use so many different brands. My favourite is definitely Mac, but with the amount I have bought over the years I have lost count.”
The most famous and dazzling look breaking the hearts of many boys is the contouring technique, which is putting many cheekbones on point.

With the right makeup, anyone can get a gorgeous contour look, just like the perfect definition of Kim Kardashian’s face in every selfie. Here are five easy steps to a flawless face:

1. Apply foundation to your face, blending it in throughout the whole face.
2. With a dark foundation stick, mark your cheekbones, the sides of your forehead, and the edge of your jawline. Once that is done, use a damped beauty blender to blend it in.
3. With a concealer or a lighter foundation stick, mark under your eyes, the centre of your forehead and your chin. Then again blend it with the marvellous beauty blender.
4. To soften the touch, brush through a powder set onto your whole face.
5. Last but not least, use a bronzer over the parts of your face you blended in the dark foundation.

And just like that, you’re your own makeup artist. So if you have a party around the corner, or a night out with friends, you know what to do.

Karaan says., “To me, there is more to my job than simply doing a girls makeup. I love to share what I know−to teach people and help them to look their best. Anyone can be a beautician, you just have to love it like I do.”

Next time you’re heading out in Melbourne, contact Nadine Karaan on 0423 363 997 to get the Melbourne look.