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Cosmetic Cleanse: Tips For A Refreshed & Renewed Beauty Regime

Cosmetic Cleanse: Tips For A Refreshed & Renewed Beauty Regime

| On 06, Jan 2015

As 2014 nears a close it may be tempting to throw in the towel of rigid routine and let loose as the silly season ensues. However, its not necessary to wait until that Jan 1 resolution to get back on track. December is of course about indulgence, relaxation and restoration although by swapping your summer siesta for a summer swim its easy to lessen that post Christmas mince pie guilt while lying on the beach.

Time off is the perfect occasion to cleanse not only your busy body and mind but also your cosmetic case which after a year of use is, much like ourselves in need of some pampering. Here’s our tips for a cosmetic cleanse every girl needs.


  1. Take some time to clean your brushes. Wash under running water with shampoo to protect the bristles and dry flat with the bristles facing downwards. This is not only good for your brushes but also your face to avoid bacteria build up.



  1. Keep it cool. Face creams are expensive and while they’re often worth their hefty price tag its important to keep new or barely used face creams in the fridge to prolong their lifetime. At $250 a pot our favourite, Crème de La Mer is definitely worth keeping cool.



  1. Reduce sun exposure. Just as its important that we reduce exposure to the sun to protect our skin from fine lines and wrinkles sun exposure recues the effectiveness of serums and perfumes. Store them in a cosmetic cabinet out of direct sunlight over the summer months.



  1. Six month rule. The six month rule applies to many scenarios. If you haven’t worn an item of clothing for over six months you’ll often never wear it again so toss is usually a good idea. You’ve broken up with that boy for six months, just like that cardigan we suggest toss and move on. This handy rule also applies for makeup. If you haven’t used a product in 6 months reduce clutter from your life and throw it away, you’re unlikely to use it and evidently don’t need it so save space for the essentials.


  1. Sort & separate. A makeup case/bag/box, however you prefer, can quickly and easily become a cluttered mess of a range of products that at one point or another help us to believe they were the secret to the face of a Victoria’s Secret angel. However a cluttered case can become confusing, we suggest separating your necessities from your trend based products. This ensures you’ve got a beauty bag for when your on the go and are less likely to lose things along the way.


So there you have it, 5 quick yet essential tips for a holiday cleanse to ensure your products are fresh and clean to ensure a clean face and glowing skin over the silly season.


Image credits: Flickr