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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | July 8, 2020

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South Bank's Collective Markets

South Bank’s Collective Markets
Jennifer Brown

Want to find something quirky, unique and not mass produced? Whether it is textiles, jewellery, prints or candles, Brisbane’s creative markets has a great array of lovely products that you can purchase to help out a local designer! The Creative Issue woke up early one Saturday morning and had a browse through some of Brisbane’s best local markets. 

The Collective Markets are located right in the main square of Southbank and there are so many wonderful things to see and amazing places to eat at surrounding the markets, as well as the occasional live singers/musicians. The creativity of our local Brisbane artists are endless. I met with some creatives and learned a bit more about them and their ideas and how they create things the way that they do.

The Collective Markets are a great way to not only have a good weekend out to chill on your own or with friends, but to also support local creatives and their businesses and passions. It doesn’t cost anything, unless you find your thing of course.

On another end of Brisbane, you can find the Manly Markets along the waterfront on the esplanade. These markets are a bit smaller than the Southbank markets, but there is definitely better parking to say the least. But with the location and area, there is a real sense of community at these markets.

It is another great Sunday Market day, as there are also the local farmers and produce vendors as well as a great view of the ocean and plenty of cooling sea-breeze during the summer days.

So why are markets good for locals?

This goes both ways for both the consumer and the seller. Local creatives don’t have to pay rent on a shop front. If they were to open an actual store front, they will be making a lot less paying for the space and amenities, especially when they already spend so much on equipment and inventory.

As a consumer, you get something different and unique. And you get to top it off with the knowledge that you are supporting a local business/creative.

Coming across many local designers and artists is just the icing on the cake for a weekend and the markets. Learning more about the designer behind the clothing and the artists behind the art made for a great learning experience with local artists.