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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | October 26, 2021

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Creative Minds, Flows And T-shirts: An Interview With ThePrintBar

Creative Minds, Flows And T-shirts: An Interview With ThePrintBar

| On 22, Oct 2014

Unlike anything in Brisbane, ThePrintBar is a place where creative flow is encouraged and where the team work together to produce top quality art and print amazing shirts.

Creative Drinks sat down with Jared Fullinfaw, the owner and founder of ThePrintBar, to talk aspirations, successful businesses and printing.


“As a team we think closely about how we can be different, we don’t think about this as a business that makes shirts, that’s boring, we think about the ideas behind the shirts, it’s not just a shirt it’s way more than that.”

Founded from the garage of his mother’s house in 2011, Jared an entrepreneurial wiz, and creatively talented guy, finished university with a Bachelor of Creative Industries, majoring in Acting, but found it increasingly difficult to find a job in his career.

Instead of losing hope, Jared (who could also draw) started to make his own prints for clients at his casual retail job.

From then on the demand for his designs grew, and soon after word spread about this humble character who turned a unique opportunity into a business that now employs 22 staff members.


In 2012, Jared and his friend Visentin decided to move out of the garage and into a rented location, it was here that ThePrintBar went from being a hobby into a full time career.  “Most people rise to the challenge if you give them a goal that is out there and they see the potential, then they will try to reach their goals,” he said.

After relocating three times, their new space, which is situated on Newmarket Road in Windsor, is welcoming, overwhelmingly cool and above all everyone there is hard working and passionate about printing.

Refreshing and unique, ThePrintBar make printing trendy again with their modern twist in an old industry.


Exploding in the last year all thanks to the great marketing of the team, and some great ideas behind the shirts, ThePrintBar encourages the public to come in and design their own shirts for all occasions.

“What separates us is you can come into our space and talk to us, and try on the garments, and do so much more than just printing.” He explains.

Working with designers, tattoo artists, small businesses and everyone-in-between, their idea of printing is to provide beyond the expected level of service, creating portfolios and websites for designers to sell online and to actively participate in local events and print for charities.

When asked about why he called his business ThePrintBar, Jared told us, “the name is really relaxed and it sums up what we always were, we’ve always been relaxed and really focused on the artistic side of things.”

Envisioning a space where creative minds can flourish, ThePrintBar team want to turn the business into a center for creativity for photographers, videographers, designers and artists. “In February next year, we will be more than just printing and designing, it will be a mixed media space that caters and develops Brisbane’s creative minds,”  he said.


It’s not just Brisbane creatives that they want to share a piece of the pie with, ThePrintBar also brings in fabric from the Gold Coast and Sydney to support local and domestic fabric production.

“We try and really encourage local production, so that the garments we make are sweatshop free, wrap certified,” he said.


Doing a range of printing with fabrics, paper and shirts, ThePrintBar are now offering do-it-yourself screen-printing workshops where you can learn the craft yourself.

Running for a limited time, the first workshop will be held on October the 25th by Brisbane artist The Art of Ellie.

The workshop will lead you through the basics of screen printing at home, and will run from 10am till 4pm.

You will be taught the differences between digital printing and commercial screen printing and have some fun with the equipment to create your own designs.

To find out more information about the workshops and to follow ThePrintBar on social media head to their Facebook page or head on over to their website

One final piece of advice Jared gave us and young creative minds alike is to, “keep yourself motivated, stick with it and remember why you did it in the first place.”



The Details:

What: ThePrintBar screen-printing workshop

Where: 9/104 Newmarket Road, Windsor

When: Saturday 25th of October

Cost: $160 +Booking fee