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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | May 26, 2022

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"Crush City" Crush

“Crush City” Crush
Matilda Butler

Crush City's logoLet me introduce you to Crush City, the one-stop shop for all artists and writers with a love for street art.

It’s also one of the treasured sponsors for our next event at Barsoma on March 21st, “Art with Attitude”. We’ll be treating you to some live art by John Crush himself on night. Crush City began three years ago by artists and writers with a love for modern mediums. We had a chat with John Crush this week…


Could you tell me what Crush City is all about?

Crush City aims to consistently stock the most colours of aerosols at affordable prices. There was a dire need for a one stop shop, with a focus dedicated specifically to artists and writers. Crush City likes to give back to the community with whom we represent.

What are your hopes for street art in the future?

To be honest, it would be a beautiful thing if there was more broad acceptance. Going by the old pagan law of ‘Do as thou wilt. Cause no harm’ – it seems ridiculous for tax payers to be forking out so much money cleaning up ‘art’ which at the end of the day, doesn’t hurt anyone.
We certainly do not condone any illegal activity, though it is constantly offensive, the hard edged one line approach to street art and graffiti – which is adopted by our government. It seems also very much out of touch with many members of the community who enjoy an ever changing creative landscape.

Graffiti is about empowerment as much as it is expression, and I just hope that more people learn to open their minds and begin to appreciate the fine artform that it is. Afterall… it’s the biggest art movement in the history of humanity. Far surpasses the Renaissance, by participation levels alone.

It would be good to just see it constantly evolve and develop but also, I hope that future generations continue to pay homage to it’s roots.

Do you think the public’s perception of street art is a positive one? Should it be?

I heard some time ago Campbell Newman say something to the effect that it has become almost acceptable to see graffiti and street art around the place. If it is almost acceptable… then I don’t get what the big issue is. People are beginning to accept and admire some of the brilliant work that gets done. Much of the work these days is legal, and yet the Government still take a hard nosed approach to cleaning this work. They have even gone as far as to go onto private property, and buff commissioned work without permission. The publics attitudes however i think has evolved. It is a mainstream artform – and by bringing it into the light, we can help eradicate some of the stigmas associated with the artform. The broken window theory is simply a theory. I’ve seen creative expression steer many away from a life of crime.

Can you tell us what’s in store for us at our next event?

Expect fumes, colour and style.


Check out Crush City at their website and Facebook.