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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | December 1, 2021

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Lucinda Bayly


Nesting:  The art of holing up in ones bedroom with an array of scented candles and other trinkets that adds to the general air of snoozing.

N.B: The above is not an Oxford definition, nor is it from any credible source.  Nesting is just something I have created in my own mind and dubbed an art form in order to make it more acceptable on a daily basis.

Nesting is, one part shamefully and two parts proudly, one of my favourite past times.  After a long day, nothing will appease me more than crawling into my clean nest, lighting some Volupsa candles (the red one is my personal favourite for future reference), spinning the weird wooden sticks in my diffuser around, drenching myself in scented oil in the process, and curling up in bed with the latest Frankie magazine and a steaming cup of English Breakfast – hold the sugar please.

Thankfully, Brisbane gal Magdalene Bufalino has heard me cry out in my sleep at night – “more nesting goodies please”, and has answered them accordingly.  She has started a delightful brand called Cubbylove, which made its debut appearance last Wednesday night at The Box.  Boasting pom-pom encrusted cushions, wall hangings and bed hangings; Cubbylove is designed to turn your bedroom into a full-blown nest.

Bufalino not only has your best interests at heart, but also has the environment in mind.  All items are carefully curated with recycled, locally-sourced and produced and organic resources and fabrics, meaning you can rest your head on a clear conscience at night – it’s a win win.  However, all items should come with a warning waver for the people who, like me, already enjoy holing up at home far too much.  Cubbylove products will make it that much harder to step foot out of your now too comfortable abode.  They’re all for the creature comforts.     

You can check out the collection at or follow them on Facebook here.