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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | January 28, 2022

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Cultural Collage

Matilda Butler

Only one exhibition can boast the scope of work from over 27 countries from Australia, Asia and the Pacific. The Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art is back and you’ve only got a short time to go see it.

In celebration of contemporary art from senior and emerging artists, the Gallery of Modern Art is currently host to a colourful array of work. Celebrating its 20th anniversary, APT7 has taken the opportunity to reflect on culture, geography, history and culture over the past two decades.

My mind is scattered with colourful cutouts of the art I saw and has now created one big cultural collage. So bear with me as I show you some of my highlights from the exhibition.


A wall piece of geometric patterns.

“Kamata’anga” by Sopolemalama Filipe Tohi

A colourful oil painting depicting a paradise lost.

“Paradise Lost”, by Raqib Shaw

A yellow cardboard playground for kids.

Kid’s play area, by Richard Maloy

A skeletal stainless steel sculpture of a dinosaur.

“Ressort” by Huang Yong Ping


Eye-catching aren’t they? I was so impressed by the expression of the artist’s cultural, national, situational and geographical identity. Walking around GOMA, you get a taste of Papua New Guinea, Vietnam, Indonesia, New Zealand, South Korea, India, Japan, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand and Australia. Each piece seems sacred in its own way, reflecting some fragment of life from another place.