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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | October 31, 2020

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Damien Hirst X Snapchat: A New Collaboration

Damien Hirst X Snapchat: A New Collaboration
Jessica McKenna

If you’re a fan snapchat then we can only assume you’re also a fan of snapchat filters and lenses. If this is you then we have some exciting news! Snapchat has launched a collaboration with Damien Hirst, the very famous English artist, to create your very own iconic isolation DIY Spin painting from your home, couch or bed, without the mess!


This globally available Snapchat lens is an augmented reality experience that allows anyone to make their own spin art in Hirst’s style from home. You can pour bright coloured paint over your fresh canvas as it spins to make millions of unique creations.



Hirst first began experimenting with spin art in 1992, and at the first exhibition of the series, all gallery visitors were invited to make their own free drawings on a spin drawing machine made from a drill, democratizing the experience of making art. Now, our community worldwide can try their hand at this iconic art through the lens of Snapchat’s camera.


Snapchat and Hirst have also teamed up with Partners in Health on this experience to support their COVID-19 relief efforts. They’re a social justice organization working to support vulnerable communities during the pandemic and provide care for millions of patients worldwide.



“It’s amazing to be working with Snapchat on this totally mega spin art lens and making it possible for millions of people to make their own spin paintings right from their phones. I’m so happy that this partnership also supports Partners in Health, a brilliant and forward-thinking organisation that helps communities in developing countries around the world cope with the devastating impact of COVID-19.”

– Damien Hirst 




When you’re finished with your Snap, share to Our Story to contribute to a virtual gallery of everyone’s work. Together, you’ll make Snapchat an even more colorful place!



On DamienXSnapchat:

  • Hirst first experimented with spin art in 1992 and officially began painting his Spin series in 1994 while living in Berlin. Their first exhibition ‘making beautiful drawings: an installation’, invited visitors to make their own free drawings on a spin drawing machine made from a drill, democratizing the experience of making art.
  • In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we hope the act of creation and splashes of color bring joy to the Snapchat community. Please consider a donation to our partner, Partners in Health, who support public health systems in underserved communities worldwide. They’re aiding in COVID-19 relief through widespread testing, high quality care, local government assistance, and by educating patients on safety practices to minimize transmission.
  • Originally, we intended for this collaboration to be part of a museum exhibit over the summer. Now that many countries around the globe are sheltering at home, we’re bringing the ability to create, and delight in art made in Hirst’s style, right in your own living room.
  • Snapchatters can submit their creations to “Our Story” so that the whole Snapchat community can see what they’ve made, creating a composite virtual gallery of Spin paintings.
  • We may turn public submissions on Snapchat into a live exhibition at a later date.


On Partners in Health

  • Partners In Health (PIH) is a non-profit social justice organization working to bring the benefits of modern medical science to the most vulnerable communities around the world.
  • For over 30 years, PIH has successfully curbed outbreaks and epidemics in limited-resource settings—from cholera in Haiti to Ebola in West Africa.
  • Founded in 1987 by Ophelia Dahl, Dr. Paul Farmer, Dr. Jim Kim, Todd McCormack, and Tom White, it has grown from a small organization in Haiti to a global nonprofit with 18,000 mostly local staff in 10 countries. Last year, it provided access to care to 8 million people.
  • Currently, PIH is working in Massachusetts to increase the state’s COVID-19 contact tracing capabilities, the first statewide contact tracing effort in the US. Inspired by this bold new effort, other US states are reaching out to PIH to seek guidance and assistance to broaden their responses to COVID-19 to include widespread contact tracing. #OneFight #StopCOVID


On Snap X Artists:

  • In the past two + years, we’ve partnered with several artists who have helped illustrate the magic of how the digital and the physical worlds can come together.
  • We partner with those who share a passion for creativity and immersive storytelling. We have similar sensibilities and a shared DNA – we’re all driven by innovation and seek to create new things every day.
  • Through a shared creative vision, our technology brings their art to new audiences, allowing their audiences to step inside new worlds.
  • Snap celebrates creativity through technology with these artist collaborations. And in turn, everyday, we want to support our Snapchatter community with tools for their own self expression and creativity.
  • We approach these projects with a few principles in mind:
    • Accessibility: It’s important to us that the public can see and experience this work. Our Cannes Lions and Art Basel exhibits were all open to the public.
    • Interactivity: They must be engaging and defy expectations.
    • Reciprocity: We explore relationships where both sides are pushing boundaries. For the artists, they’re exploring new tools and concepts, and for Snap, we’re pushing the limits of our technology to bring their visions to life.


Previous Collab Details:

Sound Stories X Christian Marclay (June 2018)

  • Summary: Christian Marclay: Sound Stories, was an immersive audiovisual exhibition fusing art and technology featured at Cannes Lions and LACMA from August 25–October 14, 2019. The project, a collaboration between the artist and Snapchat, draws on the sounds and images of everyday life.
  • Using algorithms created by a team of engineers at Snap Inc., Marclay experimented with millions of publicly posted Snaps to create five immersive audiovisual installations, two of which were interactive. Rooted in a sampling aesthetic fundamental to Marclay’s work, these installations responded to both the storytelling on Snapchat and visitors’ sounds and movements in the gallery space.


Alex Israel X Snapchat (June 2019)

  • Summary: Alex Israel worked with Snap’s advanced augmented reality (AR) team to expand upon his multi-disciplinary practice, creating five new augmented reality experiences, each linked to one of his Self-Portrait paintings. These five “Snap-Portraits,” leveraged Lens Studio to overlay Snap’s AR onto Israel’s physical works to give viewers an entirely new experience of painting. Alex Israel x Snapchat was on display at La Malmaison, 17 – 21 June 2019, as part of the Cannes Lions 2019.


Harmony Korine X Spectacles (Dec 2019)

  • Summary: Harmony Korine, released an experimental short film shot using Spectacles 3 to explore storytelling in 3D at Art Basel 2019. Using Spectacles 3, Harmony Korine transforms Miami into an unbridled dreamscape of sound and color in Duck Duck — exploring the emerging disciplines of wearable cinema, augmented reality, and immersive, spontaneous storytelling. The film’s hybrid reality is brought to life through 3D Effects developed for the film, which will be available to Spectacles 3 users on Snapchat.
  • The ability to use Spectacles and AR to create a dream-like first person POV changed Korine’s perspective on film, narrative, and what’s animated and what’s real. It allows you to walk into a world rather than watch it.
  • The film is available for viewing on com and YouTube.


We have already been playing with this new Snapchat lens and are loving it! We can’t wait for you to enjoy yourself virtually painting as well.