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Dannyboys Sandwich Bar

Dannyboys Sandwich Bar

| On 17, Aug 2014

Sometimes, there is nothing more comforting than a bowl of soup, a well-made sandwich and cupcakes with bulk frosting.

Eating a sandwich takes me back to my school days where my mama would pack my lunchbox every day with healthy, hearty flavours. My sandwiches were always delicious, whether filled with salami, chicken, tuna or just vegemite and cheese.

From this promising beginning, I have developed a deep love for sandwiches.IMG_1302

I am extremely fussy about the bread, primarily due to the delicious bread from Flour and Chocolate that I eat on a regular basis. Wonder White will not do.

The fillings must also be fresh and must contain an element of crunch, smoothness and chunky meat that is constructed perfectly so that your lunch doesn’t end up on your lap.

Whilst my mum does still make the best sandwiches out of anyone I know, I have found a café that makes a very close second.

IMG_1305For a UQ student, there aren’t many reasons for me to visit the QUT campus at Kelvin Grove, but lunch at Dannyboys Sandwich Bar is seriously worthwhile.

With bread baked fresh daily and steaming pots of different soups, Dannyboys is like your mama has gone on crack and is producing the sandwiches of your dreams. All day, erry day.

With 20 different sandwich flavours and 4 different soups, Dannyboys caters for every taste. Or, if you’re like me, it just means you get to visit at least 20 times so as to sample every delicious sounding flavour combination.IMG_1298

For my first visit to Dannyboys I ordered The Greek, which was basically a lamb gyros in a roll. It had layers of succulent roast lamb and the freshest of vegetables including tomato, cucumber, red onion, feta, Greek peppers, Kalamata olives and shredded lettuce. Drizzled with a mayonnaise and herb dressing, this sandwich met all my criteria and more.

Whilst the flavour combination was a classic, it was executed well. The bulk vegetables put even Subway to shame. And although on initial examination it seemed unlikely that I would be able to eat this sandwich cleanly, I managed to put the majority of it in my mouth and not on my shirt. Gold stars for both the sandwich and me.

I also ordered a roasted pumpkin and garlic soup, which was absolutely delicious. This soup was indulgently smooth and packed a punch of serious pumpkin flavour in each mouthful.IMG_1294

Another to-die-for soup was the broccoli and cheddar. Whilst it tasted predominantly of cheddar (no complaints here) the broccoli gave this soup a lovely smooth consistency that kept the spoon constantly returning.

And the cupcakes. Oh my gosh, the cupcakes.

I don’t usually order cupcakes out, as they’re often quite dry with frosting there purely for decoration and not for taste.

This is not the case at Dannyboys.

The chocolate cupcake with caramel frosting and a molten caramel swirl was out of this world and if mine hadn’t been the last on the plate I would have asked for another.IMG_1311

The Oreo cupcake with an Oreo at the base of a chocolate cake and chocolate frosting, whilst seriously sweet, was also dreamily delicious.IMG_1312

With all these amazing flavours, Dannyboys is well worth a visit by all. Not only are their sandwiches and soups extremely affordable, they’re packed with wholesome and flavorsome ingredients that will create some of your happiest lunchtime memories.


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With hearty, healthy flavours Dannyboys provides everything you could ever want in a sandwich.