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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | August 8, 2022

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David Lynch: Between Two Worlds

David Lynch: Between Two Worlds

| On 23, Mar 2015

Brisbane’s Gallery of Modern Art is hosting renowned film-maker and visual artist David Lynch’s first Australian exhibit.

Twin Peaks creator, David Lynch is largely known for his artistry on the big screen rather than the canvas despite being formally trained as a painter in the 1960’s. Between Two Worlds gives the public a rare chance to glimpse into this extraordinary and peculiar facet of his work, with over 200 pieces on display.  The exhibition is a fusion of a variety of mediums with drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, mixed media, music, film and video.

Entering the show, visitors are greeted by the low growl of the disturbing soundtrack flooding throughout the gallery and the surreal scene of a walk through living room – already setting the tone for what is a truly odd experience. Lynch’s work is arranged thematically addressing three main ideas – ‘Man and machine’, ‘The extra-ordinary’, and ‘Psychic Aches’. Notably, much of Lynch’s work reflects an apparent fascination with the darker aspects and potentials of the human form. Pieces from the the ‘Small Stories’ series in particular portray the inner conflict and interplay within ones self between light and dark – linking nicely within the broad theme of duality and trying to maintain a balance of the Between Two Worlds exhibit.

Accompanying the main exhibit, a complete retrospective of Lynch’s films like Eraserhead (1976), Blue Velvet (1986) and The Elephant Man (1980) along with other of his videos and works for television will be showing in the Gallery’s Australian Cinémathèque. Giving audiences a unique opportunity to move between the gallery and cinema environment at their own leisure.

David Lynch's Head #6, #3, #2 and #15 on display at the GOMA. (Photo by Natasha Emeck)

David Lynch’s Head #6, #3, #2 and #15 on display at the GOMA. (Photo by Natasha Emeck)

David Lynch's 'Between Two Worlds' (Photo by Natasha Emeck)

David Lynch’s ‘Between Two Worlds’ (Photo by Natasha Emeck)

The Details:

What: David Lynch: Between Two Worlds

Where: Queensland Gallery of Modern Art

When: 14 March – 7 June 2015

More Details: Official website, here.