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Deadpool's Colossal Entrance To Cinema

Deadpool’s Colossal Entrance To Cinema

| On 17, Feb 2016

Deadpool has finally made its way into cinemas and has taken hits at clichés, offering the superhero genre an anti-hero to steal hearts and break records.

Played by Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool is Wade Wilson, a wisecracking mercenary who only cares about his next pay day and starting bar fights for entertainment. That is, until he meets his equal in Vanessa Carlysle (Morena Baccarin), the pair falling for one another in an entertaining montage that is unlike any found in the usual rom-com. Happily ever after is cut short when Wade is diagnosed with terminal cancer, and in an effort to cling to the life he was building with Vanessa, he accepts a place as a test subject in an experimental treatment conducted by mutant scientist, Francis Freeman (Ed Skrein).

A special serum and weeks of brutal torture at the hands of Francis soon leads to the triggering of a mutation, and Wade is left disfigured and indestructible. Thus, Deadpool is born. With a healing factor and the ability to kill multiple people in a matter of seconds, he has two things on his mind: getting revenge and winning back the girl.


If you are wondering what to expect from Deadpool, Stan Lee’s cameo as the DJ at a strip club might be a decent indicator. The anti-hero is everything his peers in superhero cinema aren’t. He’s not a hero; at least, he doesn’t want to be. This much is made clear throughout the film as he shoots and slices his way through his designated bad guys and mocks the pair of X-Men on his trail for their ‘do-gooder’ ways.

One key quality that separates Deadpool from other protagonists is his ability to break the fourth wall. He acts as the witty narrator of his own film, never shutting up and often pausing mid-scene to turn to the audience and mock the very scene being played out. Standing alone amongst superheroes who are prone to taking themselves too seriously, the ability to poke fun at the clichés and the source content is what gives Deadpool his charm.

The MA15+ rating allows the creators the freedom to be just as brutal and offensive as the source content, never afraid to get gory and make the audience cringe as Deadpool drives his sword through a man and proceeds to joke about turning him into a shish kebab.


Due to Deadpool’s complexity as an anti-hero who rarely takes a situation seriously, the production team faced the challenge of successfully building an onscreen presence that made sense to the fans of the comic books and those who had never heard of Deadpool before. While the film isn’t particularly inventive in direction, following a basic storyline that is not all that difficult to follow, it is executed with an ingenious balance of Deadpool’s crude humour and violent tendencies and a narrative that still manages to make the audience care. The film never bores, keeping the audience engaged from beginning to end.

Pulling off a film that held the audiences full attention throughout is a true testament to the director, Tim Miller. While satire and savage fight scenes dominate the film, Miller did not fail to ensure it also carried heart. Ryan Reynolds’ committed performance is a major contributor to this, making the character a charming and likeable onscreen entity in a way that many could not. Reynolds is perfect for the role, and after spending almost a decade fighting for the film to be made, it’s a safe bet that the actor knows it too.


While 20th Century Fox held little faith in Deadpool’s promise as an onscreen presence, the film has proved to be a more than worth the risk. Making it the highest-grossing February release of all time over the weekend, Deadpool has opened to $US135 million, leaving other major releases Zoolander 2 and How to be Single in the dust.

With a sequel already in the works and with critics and the general public alike praising Deadpool, the film has set the bar high for other films in the genre that are due for release this year. Unfortunately for 20th Century Fox’s next project, X-Men: Apocalypse might just be doomed to fail in comparison.

Deadpool is in cinemas across Australia now.

Image Credits: 20th Century Fox