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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | August 8, 2022

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Brisbane's accidental blues and indie-rock talent: Deena

Brisbane’s accidental blues and indie-rock talent: Deena

| On 31, May 2016

There comes a time in life when certain events lead us to discover our calling- for Brisbane artist Deena it was music.

I had the chance to sit down with Deena and talk all things music, serial killers and love – but mostly music. The muso began her journey with her debut album, Lone Wolf, which she described as an experimental collection of songs.

“It was my first time doing anything music related and I just wanted to get something down [because] a close friend of mine passed away.  To deal with the grief I started writing songs all of a sudden – when I wasn’t a very musical personal before that – and I just had a mindset of having to persevere and I did that album on my own with no experience.

“I guess after that, after I was convinced to do a gig, it was about finding my artistry and my sound. I picked up the band and we started doing gigs regularly… taking this as my main passion project kind of added into finding a sound that changed so dramatically from Lone Wolf and created Black Cat”.


Deena released her ensuing album, Black Cat, an assortment of edgy indie-blues tracks, in February 2015.

“Black Cat is totally that classic album that an artist does that’s all about relationships and love… I kind of went through my biggest heartbreak at that time, and that whole L.P of songs came out in the duration of two weeks.”

Black Cat features single ‘Cupid’, which Deena describes to be about a dangerous kind of love.

“’Cupid’ is about toying with danger… when you know it’s dangerous but you’re still drawn in by it and you just walk straight into the consequences of it. Cupid was just a metaphor of that – an exaggerated version of the person I had a relationship with”.

Deena writes music that is rich in life experience and passion, which is more than evident in her latest single, ‘Turpentine’, a dark and haunting song about self-destruction and the ripple effect that it has on those around you. This raw edge that Deena has explored in ‘Turpentine’ is a reflection of the artist’s desire to be as authentic as possible.

“If I’m listening to a song and it does nothing for me inside then it’s not going to do anything for anyone else… I’m a huge believer in keeping things raw and natural, so if there are flaws and mistakes it’s good too.”

“It’s art – if you think of things in a visual perspective, not all clean lines are the ones that make you go “mm yeah, that’s awesome!” – it’s the human touch of things that allow us to connect with it, so it’s important to keep that human aspect of things within the art.”

Deena_PVDeena’s passion to be as real and raw as possible is truly evident in her music and her presentation.

“I guess I think of vocals as a medium of expression as well, so it’s not always about being able to sing perfectly or sounding beautiful, it’s just about expressing yourself.”

The artist also shared that new music is currently in the making.

“I’m just cocooning at the moment… lately I’ve been working with my guitarist more… we’ve been doing a bit of collaborating where he’ll give me the chords and I’ll write over it, or I’ll give him something and he’ll give me feedback on it. And it’s actually a different process at the moment but it’s good because styles are changing and I’m not falling into the same routine of things and nothing sounds the same.

“I want it to be another step upwards from Black Cat… at the moment there’s no real idea of direction, I kind of just want the songs to speak for themselves and take me to where the sound will be. It’s a big question mark at the moment, as a band we’re playing together and experimenting with different things.

“I really wanted no restrictions with this E.P. I just want to have no deadline and allow myself to be creative and write and just see what comes out of it and go from there.”

Deena is regularly sharing her talent with the world through her gigs, so be sure to keep an eye and ear out for her.

Check out Deena’s single, Turpentine, below.

Image credit: Paige Vaughan and Deena’s Facebook page.