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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | November 29, 2021

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Deerskin Review: Killer-Style

Deerskin Review: Killer-Style
Charles Lawson

Deerskin is a brutal and hilarious dark comedy, about a man’s descent into madness over a deerskin jacket.

Deerskin is a logic breaking caper about a deerskin jacket that inspires a man to violence and insanity. Directed and written by Quentin Dupieux, the film’s 80 minute run time is used to maximum effect to weave this tale of middle-age masculinity.

The film starts with Georges, a down on his luck seemingly soon to be divorcée, on a quest for a new life. Georges pays top dollar for a 100% deerskin jacket that he becomes infuriated with. Upon meeting bartender and amateur editor Denise, Georges decides he wants to make a film about him and his jacket. What follows is a non-stop of escalation of violence, mishaps, and absurdity.

Guillaume Le Braz, Alexis Place, Gadou Naudin, and Cyril Holtz all deserve high praise for their work on the sound of this film. There are discordant notes and synth stabs throughout the movie that works as an emphasis on dramatic turns within the movie. It is both jarring and effective when it happens, and it never repeats too often. The film incorporates a number of audio cues that allow the music to even be used service of the film’s punchlines. Fortunately, none of these motifs overstay their welcome and in general, the soundtrack is as varied and chaotic as the film itself.

Jean Dujardin shines in his performance as Georges. From its simple premise Deerskin becomes a blissful stroll into madness with Dupjardin bringing the perfect blend of realistic insanity to an otherwise mundane world. Never have scenes of a man and his jacket been more compelling. Adèle Haenel plays an excellent second with her performance as Denise, and the two leads have a very unconventional chemistry.

Deerskin asks a lot of the viewer. But does so at a pace and suspension of disbelief that makes the film darkest moments laughable affairs. The film is not interested in its real-world problems, nor interested in providing an answer to some deep moral or philosophical question. It’s constantly telling you to take it seriously, and then teases you for doing so. The film is unconcerned with putting meaningful obstacles in its characters’ way, and yet there is still engaging character development and transformation. To say Georges is an anti-hero is an understatement, a liar, and a murderer, Georges is not meant to be liked. Yet, Deerskin had me laughing, and giggling at Georges escapes the entire time.

Overall, this is one of my favorite films I’ve gotten the opportunity to watch. I highly recommend watching it when it releases on August 6th. The humor and premise are engaging throughout, with solid performances from everyone in the film. But be warned the movie is a little gory and violent.

The Details:
What: Deerskin Theatrical Release
Where: Palace James Street and Dendy Coorparoo
When: August 6th
Who: Umbrella Entertainment