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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | November 14, 2019

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The Delta Riggs on Their US Tour, Coming Home and What's Next

The Delta Riggs on Their US Tour, Coming Home and What’s Next

| On 11, Aug 2017

We spoke to Monte from The Delta Riggs ahead of their show at the Zoo this weekend.

The Delta Riggs have just finished up a tour in the US and have come home for a short run of shows ahead of what they are doing. The Creative Issue spoke to Monte, The Delta Riggs’ bassist, about their tour, touring with Foo Fighters back in 2015 and their latest studio album Active Galactic.

The Creative Issue: You guys have just finished up touring in the US, how were the shows?

Monte: They were great, like fantastical. We were on tour with Eagles of Death Metal for half of the time which was amazing. We did Portland, Vancouver, Seattle and Santa Cruz. And the shows were great, packed theatres, good fun. Americans are funny. We hung out with Portugal The Man. They came to our Portland show so we kind of became friends with those guys. It was just a good time and we saw a lot of the land. Oregon is a really cool state, Portland’s the best.

TCI: How about the shows since you’ve been back?

M: We landed and got straight back into it so last week we did Wagga, Narrabeen, Terrigal and Coffs Harbour, all really good actually. You don’t go out into those smaller towns very often so when you do they really appreciate it, I guess.


TCI: You guys have the Dollar Bill Murrays, Galaxy Girls and Port Royal supporting your show at the Zoo, how did that come about?

M: Port Royal asked us and they’ve been in contact for a while. And the other ones, I guess they’re great bands and that’s why they’re on the show.

TCI: The first time I saw you guys was supporting Foo Fighters back in 2015 and I have to ask what that was like.

M: That was mental. It was really good. It was one of those things where we got the opportunity to play stadiums like that and who knows whether we’ll ever get that opportunity again so it was a surreal moment. That first show was in Brisbane, so walking out on stage with a huge stadium sound system. It didn’t look that full because it was early but there were still about 20,000 people there. It’s a wild concept to us. But the whole crew and everything were such great dudes. I ended up becoming really good friends with Chris Shiflett [Foo Fighters’ guitarist] and I’ve been over to his house in Malibu. He was here with his family for Christmas last year and invited me up to his house for lunch and stuff. In that respect, we’ve made a lot of life-long friends out of it.

TCI: How did you get the gig?

M: The way we got that tour was this serendipitous, uncanny thing. We played this show in L.A. then had this crazy bender all night then flew home. When we landed, I had all these notifications on my phone saying we were supporting Foo Fighters. Apparently, at the show, some of the Foo Fighters’ management happened to be at the show. In the start, the crowd was pretty cold but in the end we had the whole room just frothing on us. It was one of those really good shows that you play. But they happened to be in the audience and they contacted our promoter here and they were like “we’ve just seen this band and we want to take them on the road, on this Foo Fighters tour.” So we had no idea, we landed and just found out. It was this cool right place, right time kind of story. They were all great people. The shows were massive. That’s the top end of touring: caterings amazing, you’ve got 50 strong crew so as soon as you stop playing there’s someone grabbing your guitar and travelled our gear everywhere. It was real cush, it was a good taste of what it can be like at the top you know?

TCI: Yeah, that sounds so awesome.

M: It was really good. It was an experience I’ll never forget. From the head of security to their road crew to the guys themselves to the Rise Against guys, everyone was so pleasant to be around and there was no wanker arrogance. None of that shit going on. You know, we’d be in our room and Taylor Hawkins [Foo Fighters’ drummer] or Chris Shiflett would come in and we’d just jam with them. They’d come to our dressing room so it was that kind of vibe by the end, which was awesome.

TCI: Are there any bands that you’d love to support or have as a support in the future?

M: I love The War on Drugs but we’d never be able to support them but we supported Kasabian. I’d like to support Oasis, like if they ever got back together. They’re like one of my favourite bands. Period. Have to support us? I mean Moses Gunn Collective, we’ve been trying to get those guys on so many shows and they’re always busy. ‘Cause they’ve got like fifteen different bands going on but we all love those guys. As well as the Belligerents, that whole scene up in Brisbane, I really like what those guys do. That’s probably it.


TCI: It’s been about a year since you released your latest album Active Galactic, how do you think it’s been received?

M: It’s been good. I think we went for a few things. We were a bit ambitious on this one with different sounds and stuff. We just wanted to explore what we could do, songwriting wise, sounds and tone and different instrumentation. But yeah, it was received well, everyone seems to like it. It goes down well live. We’ve started writing again for our fourth record and I think we’re going to go back to focusing on songs and less experimentation. We’re just going to have a record full of bangers. That’s what we’re hoping for anyway.

TCI: You’ve also recently released a live album recorded in Sydney, what was that like?

M: That was on the tour for the record. The actual show was the best show of the whole tour, I reckon. It was awesome that they had Moshcam there and it was all filmed professionally and recorded. It was one of the best shows we’ve ever played. It was like sold out Metro [Theatre] and that same night Sticky Fingers were playing over at the Enmore so we ended up having this joint after party. And we went to this bar and got haywire but that whole night, for me, sticks out as one of those things I’ll never forget. Just feeling stoked on life.

TCI: What’s your plan once the tour’s done?

M: We’re going to keep writing. We might be going to Europe apparently in September. We’ve got a few things cooking there at the end of September/October. We got big in Italy on the radio somehow, which is weird. We were like number six on the charts in Italy. How crazy’s that? But otherwise we’re just going to focus on writing and hopefully we’ll have a song out by the end of the year from the forthcoming record.

TCI: Are there any bands that you’ve been listening to heaps recently?

M: The War on Drugs, they’ve got a new record coming out. The new Preatures album is really cool, that’s out this week. I’ve been listening to that a little bit. I’ve been listening to that new Kendrick [Lamar] record a fair bit and the new Jay Z record is awesome. Just a good spread of music, I’m kind of that guy. I listen to everything but The War on Drugs stuff is really good.

There are a small number of tickets remaining so be sure to grab yours ASAP from Oztix. If you can’t see them this Saturday, you can keep up to date with The Delta Riggs here.


WhatThe Delta Riggs at the Zoo

Where: 711 Ann St, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006

WhenSaturday 12th August, 8pm.

How Much$23.50


More Info: 18+ event.

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