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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | February 24, 2020

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Depo is more than a restaurant; it’s a space for collaboration

Tiernan Silcock

West End has long been recognised as one of the top suburbs in Brisbane to find a great restaurant, and a new venue has sprung up that guarantees to support West End’s  long-standing reputation.

DEPO (c) FLORIAN GROEHN-10Designer Alexander Lotersztain and Chef Erik van Denderen have teamed up to create the bohemian and sophisticated experience that is Depo. Having met several years prior, the talented duo finally found an opportunity to work together on an entirely new and exciting venture.

Their goal: to create a venue that reflected the ever-changing environment it was a part of.

Depo, a renovated warehouse that has embraced its industrial roots and location with open arms, is a restaurant, bar, cafe, gallery and popup store in one.

Lotersztain, also Designer and Art Director of the Limes Hotel and Alfred & Constance, used the location and lighting when designing the venue to incorporate the surroundings into the atmosphere, with a focus on the community element and bringing people together.

Depo is intended to be part of the neighbourhood and the streetscape. The ebb and flow of city life dictates the experience and allows the venue to become a part of its environment.

“We want to show people that a venue can be more than just a café or restaurant. We want it to be somewhere people can come together and experience a sense of possibility,” Lotersztain said.
Van Genderen, who previously owned Blauw aan de Wal in Amsterdam, said the food and experience mimicked the design.

“By day everything is open and the street is brought into the building with the sun spilling through the venue. By night, things feel different, you walk in off the quiet street, and the lighting provides a sense of intimacy and the textures and colours inside change, becoming more muted and receding into the shadows.

“We’ll always be welcoming and inclusive, that is a big part of our experience. We just want to embrace the theatre of day and night and allow our patrons to become a part of that”.

The venue was officially launched last Wednesday, and I took some pictures to capture the amazing atmosphere.


What? Depo

Where? 16 Horan Street, West End

When? Depo serves a seasonally inspired menu for breakfast & lunch from Tuesday to Sunday, as well as a daily market inspired menu for dinner from Thursday to Sunday.

Opening Hours

Tuesday-Wednesday: 7am till 4pm
Thursday-Sunday: 7am till 12am

More info? Visit the Depo website or email them at