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The Karmic Cold Pressed Juice Detox

The Karmic Cold Pressed Juice Detox

| On 02, Mar 2015

Cold pressed juices have become the food trend of the year with many “green” bars emerging across the city. The Melbourne boys behind Karmic Cold Pressed Juice have followed suit.

Preserving all the nutritional content in fruit and vegetables thanks to a high direct pressure, the cold extraction makes cold pressed juice a healthy beverage option. Many companies are beginning to focus their attention on this process and Karmic Cold Pressed Juice have built an online store revolving around the cold pressed juice detox.

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The Melbourne-based company have designed a complete range of cold pressed cleansing programs aimed to restore natural balance. They offer two-six day cleanses, some of which recommend the intake of food as well as the juices.

“The juices contain almost eight kilograms of vegetables for a two-day intake, so drinking them is a lot easier than sitting down to eat the same quantity of raw veggies,” say owners Will and Sam. “Consuming juice means all the benefits go directly into the blood, helping you to reduce blood sugar level and cholesterol.”

A healthy addition on top of a good diet and beneficial for your body, the only remaining question is: how is the taste?

Some of the recipes offered by the duo are very unique. The “Almond Chai” for example combining nuts, spices and vegetables, is sweet and delightful. The “Leafy Green”, more classic, made with kale, cucumber, celery, lemon and spinach, is slightly bitter on the first sip but rapidly reveals a sweeter, smooth flavour.

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The packaging is colourful, the juices are refreshing and the program provides different recipe ideas to follow during your detox program. The options include, a healthy rice curry with cauliflower or a vibrant green pea, watercress, lime and avocado soup.

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What: Karmic Cold Pressed juice

Where: Melbourne

Cost: from $99.00

More Information:

Images credit: Karmic Cold Pressed Juice