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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | September 23, 2020

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Direct to LaManna, Essendon

Direct to LaManna, Essendon

| On 22, Nov 2014

Walking into LaManna Direct I thought I was walking into a normal brunch spot that I’d like and continue to visit. What I got was so much more.

Starting at the café section, with a wide variety of brunch selections including my favourite smashed avo on sourdough. My recommendation is the caramel coconut smoothie which, might I add, is to die for! The cafe takes up a small corner of the whole of LaManna, which as well as a cafe, is an entire grocery store filled with all your shopping needs as well as many organic options.

The café sits in one corner of the establishment and is the perfect way to start your grocery shopping. You can take a seat and enjoy a delicious coffee or something to eat while watching the world pass you by in this busy, but just the right amount of noisy grocery store.

la manna smoothie

La manna direct houses an in store deli with a wide variety of fresh quality meats and antipasti for all the Italians like me who just need these foods in their lives, along with everyone else of course!

Now onto more important things, dessert. The patissiere in LaManna Direct is unexplainable. Let’s just say my sweet tooth might have fainted if it could. This store offers a wide variety of dessert choices, from mini cakes to bigger cakes for events. My eyes could not keep up with the amount of desserts on display! My personal favourite is the Nutella and Orea cake served in a jar. You haven’t lived until you’ve tried it!

la manna bread

I could go on and on about LaManna but I could never explain the experience to it’s fullest potential. It is really chaning the idea of your normal every day trip to the grocey store and creating a pleasent experience and if this isn’t enough for you LaManna will soon offer a juice bar as well as a frozen yoghurt bar.

Providing something for everyone LaManna Direct services all grocery shopping needs including quality fresh foods, organic options, great speicals and everything in between, making your trip the the grocey store a relaxing and top quality experience. 

The Details: 

What: LaManna Direct

Where: Essendon Fields Shopping centre,  10 English St, Essendon, Melbourne.

When: Monday-Friday 8am-7pm, Saturday-Sunday 8am-6pm


Check out LaManna Driect’s instagram for more fresh food goodness: @lamannadirect

Photo credit: LaManna Direct Facebook.