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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | July 12, 2020

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Disconnected in a connected world

Disconnected in a connected world

| On 08, May 2014

When I was little I refused to watch futuristic movies. I hated seeing a world that I didn’t recognise.

I didn’t want jetpacks, time travel, laser guns, force fields or flying cars and I disliked that people were working towards that reality.  Okay yes, I was a stubborn loser.

Fast-forward 15 years and I’m still a stubborn loser, but that’s beside the point.  These anti-futuristic thoughts have resurfaced. Although I am yet to see a flying car or an example of time travel, I now have something much more disturbing to be apprehensive of – disconnection.

Ironically we have transformed the world into a hyper-connected place, with technological advances making it possible to connect to anyone, anywhere instantly. But without sounding like a ‘back in the good old days’ Grandma, I’m starting to feel disconnected from people now more than ever because of technology, especially on a personal level.

Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 11.33.35 PMI’m first to admit that I’m guilty of spending more time scrolling through my Facebook feed, skyping, texting and snap chatting toilet selfies than physically socialising with friends and family. I’m increasingly becoming disconnected from ‘real’ reality and increasingly functioning through technology and this way of living is only going to get worse.

Take for example Google Glass, currently being trialled by a few thousand volunteers. It has the potential to take ‘disconnection’ to a whole new level.

What could be more disconnected than having a conversation with someone who is staring directly at you and simultaneously placing Asos items in their wish list and face-stalking their latest hookup? It’s creepy and yes, disconnected – big time.

Are we eventually going to exist in individual spheres where our only way of communication and connection is through technology?

I vote for now we put our phones down, turn off our computers (after you’ve finished reading this though, duh) and experience human relationships and true connection.




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