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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | January 18, 2020

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Dizzy Little Dotty

Tiernan Silcock

For all those out there who love quirky, arty, and fanciful things – this is the girl for you. Lauren Carney is an artist, freelance illustrator, designer, trendsetter and Brisbanite.

Deciding art was her passion in high school, Lauren’s work began to grow into the quirky, imaginative and lauren1eclectic work it is now. Describing herself as “forgetful, confused and extremely indecisive”, she enjoys the delicate things in life such as handmade crafts and yummy food. Lauren’s art is produced through a number of different mediums, including traditional and digital illustration, sewing and paper crafting. Lauren takes her inspiration from her surroundings and daily life.

Already having conquered the art world, in 2011 Lauren went on to create her own fashion label “Dizzy Little Dotty” which features her artwork and continues to embrace the effortlessly chic style that embodies her personality. The label features t-shirts that are all at once playful and exciting, while still being incredibly wearable. Aimed to attract the arty young individual, these shirts personify a world of eccentricity and spontaneity. Each creation is more magical than the one before and is evocative of an Alice in Wonderland world.

Lauren’s artwork epitomizes the image of an idyllic fairytale and takes you on a journey exploring the dichotomous worlds of illusion versus reality. Her art combines wistfulness, childish dreams and teenage butterflies to create a world full of happily ever afters that will seduce you with its charm.

The label "Dizzy Little Dotty" features Lauren's artwork

The label “Dizzy Little Dotty” features Lauren’s artwork


How old are you?
25. But don’t tell anyone.

Who is your favourite artist?
Dave Collinson. I may be a little bias, as he is a friend and mentor, but I feel this kid is one of the most talented beings I’ve had the pleasure of keeping company with. He taught me all the skills I have today, and will always be my source of inspiration.

What is your long-term plan for both your drawings and the label?
I would like to have a happy balance for running both aspects of my business. I want to work mostly on corporate jobs, and have the time to focus on expanding my label during my down time. It’s taken off in such a crazy way – its nuts seeing people wearing their DLD Tees all over Lookbook, Tumblr and other social media platforms. It’s totally achievable, I just need to balance on the tightrope of time management – it should be a success.

What is your favourite designer/fashion label and why?
I love Wildfox to bits. Their over the top campaigns really delight me so! Each photograph is so beautifully shot and the cuts of their products are really unique.

How would you describe your personal style?
The content of my work is whimsical and curious. Romanticism plays a large underlying theme and I think that is portrayed by the fanciful characters within each illustration. My style tells a story within my pieces without sacrificing the structure or playfulness that make them so special. The quirky imagery conveys a sense of youthful nostalgia that reconnects with the awkward, messy and nerdy feelings affiliated and growing up. The linework is messy but heavily detailed; the colours are bright. My artwork touches on a variety of mediums, mostly traditional mixed with digital illustration.

What is your current favourite trend and why?
I feel like the grunge scene is a little too dark for me (it just reminds me too much of when ‘Emo’ was a thing, and shouldn’t have been) but I have been loving the pastel goth trend at the moment. I think the light vs. dark colour palettes and imagery associated with ‘Pastel Goths’ seems to intrigue me. So a lot of my drawings lately have been of babes with purple hair and spike dresses.

Visit Lauren’s site for Dizzy Little Dotty here.