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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | December 10, 2019

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DJ Calvin Harris on board to create EDM sitcom

DJ Calvin Harris on board to create EDM sitcom

| On 11, Feb 2014

Calvin Harris, the man you either love or are deeply sick of, is heading the development of an EDM-centric comedy series, Higher, to air on HBO.

Naturally, Jay-Z and Will Smith, among others, are behind the scenes as producers, because rearing children/rapping/being a fresh prince/acting/producing Annie just isn’t enough for these two.

Penning the show is Trainspotting author Irvine Welsh, a man whose writing heavily references the electronic dance scene.

EDM, or electronic dance music, has taken pop’s place as the mainstream music of a generation, and is more generally known as music you listen to ‘in da club’.

No one is really sure what the show is about, least of all Calvin I’m sure, but given the big names being chucked around already, the show is guaranteed enough hype to run for two seasons.


This man gets to create his own show… seriously (Calvin Harris – Image by


Whether it’s an Entourage-esque look at the lives of big name EDM DJs like Harris just spinning decks (read: pressing play) and cashing cheques, or perhaps a comedic look at young DJs trying to break into the business, there’s bound to be mixed reviews.

Now that we know Higher is in the works, the next question on everyone’s lips is who is on board for the cast?

I’m personally hoping for a return of Miley Cyrus to the silver screen as a #turnt female DJ who battles it out against Paris Hilton on a party boat. The stuff of dreams!

Regardless of the actual plot, Higher will surely feature enough fist pumping, pretentious headphone stroking and illicit party substances to make you wish you’d just watched Downton Abbey with your mum instead.

Higher is still in its developmental stages, so stay tuned for updates!