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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | August 17, 2022

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Dominic Breen Returns With ‘Lovelost’

Dominic Breen Returns With ‘Lovelost’
Victoria Jenkins

Dominic Breen describes his brand new track ‘Lovelost’ as “a sad song in disguise” and TCI caught up with the Sydney based artist to chat about the track, recording, and some of his favourite local artists.

Since emerging as a fresh voice in the Sydney scene back in 2018, Dominic Breen has released two well received EP’s captivating fans and industry tastemakers along the way. Now the multi-instrumentalist returns with ‘Lovelost’, the first song to be taken from his forthcoming debut album planned for release in early 2021.

The Creative Issue: Congratulations on the release of ‘Lovelost’! You’ve described the track as being “a photo of woe put through the happiness filter”. Can you tell us a little about the concept behind the song?

Dominic Breen: Thank you, that’s very nice.  The song was originally written on piano and was slow and grim. Lyrics like ‘you left me with a cancer’ really bolstered that grimness. Then I guess one day I thought it had to be really bouncy and fast. I think the contrast between the fast upbeat music and the grim lyrics actually heightens the incongruous sentiments of the lyrics themselves- feeling your wires get crossed, being lovelost. That’s just my interpretation though. To be honest I have no idea.

TCI: ‘Lovelost’ sounds great. What was your inspiration for the sonic style and production of the track?

DB: Too kind. I think it just had to be the way it is. I wanted to give it a bit of a frenetic feel, a bit like mania or something. Like with the key change, it’s a bit like that to me. Things kick up a gear and everything is getting more certain and urgent and better and crystallised but actually it’s the opposite in the end and things are getting more busy, less sure, more intense, less pleasant, and all of a sudden you’re out on the wayside.

TCI: You worked with Tim Fitz from Middle Kids for ‘Lovelost’. Can you tell us about recording the track?

DB: We recorded from 10am to 5pm at Tim’s place. His wife Hannah and newborn baby Sunny would be coming in and out of the house, some days there, others not. There was a beautiful constellation of different moods across the sessions. Spending time with little Sunny, looking into his eyes, stuff like that, instantly deleted the thought tunnels regarding the songs that I might have been going down in my head. Babies are amazing and especially Sunny. Some days I’d be leaving to drive home, walking down the stairs and in the next room could hear Sunny and Tim talking about the tracks with Sunny offering some very original insights.

TCI: Your music is refreshingly authentic and you convey thoughts and feelings effortlessly with your lyrics. What is your approach to songwriting and who are some of your favourite songwriters/lyricists?

DB: Well I don’t know much about authenticity and how you can measure the authenticity of one artist over anyone else but that’s very kind of you to say so thank you I guess. I try not to approach songwriting at all really. I think it’s better to wait for those things to approach you. Otherwise you’re gonna bruise the muse and that is a very delicate thing. If you scare that away it might never come back.

TCI:  Incredibly you played almost all of the instruments heard within ‘Lovelost’. What was the first instrument you learnt to play? Which is your favourite to play now?

DB: Well these days I only really play all these organs I’ve been picking up from the side of the road. First instrument was piano.



TCI:  You’ve released two great EP’s across the last two years and ‘Lovelost’ is the first taste of your debut album which is set for release in early 2021. How are you navigating the difficulties of being a musician, and planning an album release, in the midst of a pandemic.

DB: I haven’t found it any more easy or difficult than it normally is. Just keep on truckin or
something like that hah.

TCI: You’re based in Sydney. The Sydney music scene is so strong and has produced so many incredible artists. If you could put together an all time best of Sydney festival which past and/or present Sydney artists would you want on the line-up? Which Sydney venues would you want to play host?

DB: I’d have to see The Hummingbirds playing ‘Alimony’ live, Suiix playing ‘Aviator’, Big White playing ‘Most of the Time’, Otis Thomas playing ‘Gina’ and Georgia Mulligan playing ‘Mirror’. Other than that I don’t know really. Down at Norton Street Irish pub in Leichardt would be fine for me.

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