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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | October 20, 2020

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Don't drink this weekend

Don’t drink this weekend

| On 05, Dec 2013

Why? Because it’s time to be fit and social.

It’s coming up to Christmas and we’re all looking for ways to save money.

But the last thing anyone wants is to give up their social life.

I have some good news, there is a solution!

Get the girls together this weekend and head to the gym.

Save the money you usually spend on alcohol or your weekend breakfast and coffee at your local cafe and head down to pump some iron and burn some calories.

Not only is this going to save you money, you get to spend time with friends and get healthy.

Let’s face it, you’re probably going to be eating a lot of pavlova and chocolate at Christmas.

Let’s get those summer bodies ready, it’s never too late.

Talk between sets, spot each other on exercises, and giggle at the overly muscly men that are grunting in the corner.

Don’t have a gym membership? Ask for a free pass.

Most gyms will offer you at least one day free, usually five.

They want you to try out their facilities in the hope that you will join.

And why not? The gym is not only a place to get fit but it can be a social event too.

We women love gossip and chats so why not add that to your workout rather than to your bottle of wine?

Search Goodlife Health Clubs to sign up for a free 5 day membership online, Go Health Clubs are offering a zero dollar sign up and Fitness First offer a one day free pass online.

Make sure you check out your local smaller Gyms too.

(Photo taken at: Miss Temple Fitness Corinda)