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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | October 26, 2021

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Dorah Jacson's Impressive Debut EP 'Lie Awake'

Dorah Jacson’s Impressive Debut EP ‘Lie Awake’
Daniel Parkinson

Sunshine Coast indie singer/songwriter Kayla Smart AKA Dorah Jacson has just released her impressive debut EP Lie Awake and she has given TCI a track-by-track breakdown of the EP.

Only having burst onto the scene a short time ago, Kayla has some very impressive accolades under her belt already, including debut single ‘Away’ was getting picked up for rotation on Triple J Unearthed radio, winning the Unearthed 2019 Big Pineapple Music Festival competition and supporting acts such as Beautiful Girls, CLEWS & Adrian Eagle.

Lie Awake is a collection of very personal songs about relationships, harassment and self reflection, demonstrating songwriting with maturity beyond her 21 years of age.

‘Little Islands of Warmth’ is a song about feeling at home – both physically in your space at home but also in your mind and body. I was looking up at these little glow stars I’d stuck on my roof as a kid one day, and it put me on this big train of thought about growing up, and I began reflecting on my life so far (this was when I was only about seventeen). I looked around at all the little things I had around my room that I’d collected over the years, the trinkets, seashells, and photographs, and became overwhelmed by all the memories they hold for me – all the places I’d been, and also showing me how I’d grown up over the years. I’ve always felt a bit lost, but in that moment I felt really grounded and content of who I was and where I was going, which was really special.

‘Sinking’ is about a relationship falling apart. It’s a type of breakdown I’ve seen happen a lot, and experienced myself both in friendships and relationships, where the person you care about quietly withdraws from you over time. You get lost in thoughts of where you went wrong and why you’re not good enough, which is horrible. You also question if the person knows that they’re doing all this harm to you by pretending that it’s not happening, which is explored in the bridge. The song concludes with “you’re not bringing me down, again” symbolising moving on, because I realised if someone’s treating you that way, they aren’t worth your time. I think it’s a nice little light at the end of the tunnel for a pretty crappy topic.

‘Lurking’ is for anyone that’s had someone get in their space when they are not welcome. Most people will think straight to physical kinds of harassment, but online harassment through messages is actually where this song came from for me. It’s real scary to see a lot of people thinking they can say whatever they like to whoever they like online, so I’m hoping this song can raise more awareness on the issue. It’s a pretty confronting song lyrically, but I think that if it’s confronting, then it obviously needs to be talked about and change still needs to happen.

‘From Afar’ is my cute little acoustic track for the EP. I wrote it about someone I couldn’t see anymore because of distance, which I’m sure a few of us have had to experience. I actually had no intention initially to record the song, but we had a half hour before we had to leave the studio in Byron so I asked if I could quickly record an acoustic track for fun. I hopped up on a little stool and just had one mic on my guitar and one on the vocals, so the whole thing is a nice little raw recording which I’ve always been a fan of.

‘Lie Awake’ is about an experience I had meeting someone, and both of us instantly felt as if we’d known each other forever. I didn’t have much time with this person, and it was a while ago now, so for me the song has a nostalgic, fleeting feeling to it. The whole experience was pretty surreal, like an old-school romantic film, and I thought it would make the perfect title track for the EP.



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