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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | October 16, 2021

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Prepare To Get Classical with Kieran Welch - Dots + Loops Recomposed

Prepare To Get Classical with Kieran Welch – Dots + Loops Recomposed

| On 30, Jun 2016

The Brisbane music scene is an interesting creature to be sure.

I find it’s constantly evolving with always something new to find. So one wintry, chilly morning I made my way to a small South Brisbane cafe to meet with the curator of Dots + Loops Recomposed – Kieran Welch. Dots + Loops is an innovative initiative that marries the time-old tradition of the classical music concert with a club “gig”. There have been a number of shows in this series within the past two years, with musicians and audiences alike finding themselves in iconic and unique spaces, ready to form part of a community. A softly-spoken and intelligent young man, violist Kieran has been working on this project for more than a year and is very excited to see it come to fruition. He has been mastering string instruments for the past sixteen years and has always had a keen interest in all kinds of music.




“Well,all the way throughout my life I’ve been really really into lots of different kinds of music but especially more electronic-leaning music… I guess I mean I’m particularly into a lot of British electronica and stuff like especially Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin… Or later stuff like Four Tet and Jamie XX.” During his undergraduate degree, he began to explore this concept of the classical concert being more than what it has always been “And it wasn’t until really half way through my undergrad degree that Chris Perren who runs Nonsemble, one of the two works that are featuring at Dots + Loops Recomposed – he started putting together Nonsemble and he asked around at the school where he was doing a phD in composition at the time ‘who are some people who might not just be into classical music but maybe know other things as well?’”

Kieran is of the belief that the music scene in Brisbane is one of the best in Australia. “I think it’s phenomenal. I think it’s fantastic… the problem is getting people to come to the things that happen here… I think there’s so much interesting stuff happening in Melbourne but I mean for here, we’ve just got so much interesting niche things happening, and so many different forms of music and so many people trying really interesting different things. I think this is because we’re right on the cusp of being a big city.”


Whilst he thinks that Brisbane audiences can be “flighty”, he sees that the audiences of Dots + Loops concerts are always ready to form a sort of community. “I think that’s the best thing. It’s not such a huge city yet that it feels impersonal – you can get these amazing sort of sub-groups of people who are just so ready to belong and be part of something and participate much more than observing.”

He sees curating as a sort of art form – a way to create bigger pieces of art out of smaller ones. So Dots + Loops is something to consider as being in this vein. “The whole idea is a sort of post genre ethos in that we’re trying to combine different aspects of music and sort of take the best aspects of them.” Audiences can expect a night similar to a “club gig” with the same length in set times as well as a varied amount of acts: from Nonsemble – an indie chamber group – to the acclaimed Vivaldi Recomposed by Max Richter as well as a DJ set to close. Soloists are being flown up from Melbourne such as Kyla Matsuura-Miller who “[has] the most incredible stage presence – and just amazing musicality, you can’t help but just watch her and be so engaged in what she is playing.”

Kieran Welch has been incredibly busy.  Last year alone, he juggled his Master’s degree at the University of Queensland, the Dots + Loops project as well as the Nancy Jones Scholarship, where he was given the chance to go to New York and meet with people like Bryce Dessner. He also travelled to Hong Kong to perform. And this year, he’ll just keep going. “Next week on Thursday I fly to the States for a month to go to a program called Bang on a Can. So they’re sort of one generation before the concerts that we’re trying to put on here – and for the classical music world they were quite ground-breaking… Then I’m going back to Hong Kong later in the year as well to play in a contemporary opera there. Then my Masters is finished, so trying to find a real job.” He laughs a little self-deprecatingly. “Probably just becoming ‘McManager’ after that, who knows?”


The Details

What: Dots + Loops Recomposed 
Where: QAGoMA River Room 
When: 2 July
Cost: $22

More Info here

Images: Kieran Welch