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Dress code cheat sheet

Dress code cheat sheet

| On 21, Jun 2015

It is the moment when you open an invitation and see the dress code that causes materialistic stress in an individual’s life. It is this moment that prompts ones heart to skip a beat as they read a word that they can’t associate with their wardrobe. This is the moment that we must overcome as we uncover the mystery of the dress code.

Casual: Forget about thongs and singlets, put on some jeans and boots to rock a casual yet classy attire. Flaunt and exaggerate your accessories with bold eyes, soft lips and natural hair.



Smart casual: This is when you retire the flare jeans and oversized clothing; get some tight, slim-fit jeans, paired with some strappy pumps and flowy tops. Put your hair in either a pony, messy bun or wavy beach curls and flaunt some statement aviators to complete the look.



Cocktail: This is another term for semi-formal. Therefore, in this case short dresses, preferably vibrant colours to match bright lips and high heels are the way to go. A slick, party girl hair-do with some statement jewellery is also definitely in order. 




Beach formal: Beach formal can be tricky for many people to wrap their head around because the beach is known for casual and comfortable clothing however it is relatively simple to dress up your look at the beach. In this case pairing some bright wedges with a maxi dress can easily complete the beach formal aesthetic along side messy beach curls. In terms of makeup and jewellery, less is more with only a statement bangle or clutch being necessary. Some may wish to apply tan for a faint glow in the simmering summer sun.




Black Tie: Women should don a long elegant gown, paired with minimal jewellery and statement makeup. For this code men wear tuxedos, sticking with a black and white theme. 




White Tie: This dress code is the most formal of them all as it is usually reserved for balls and state dinners. Women wear floor-length evening gowns with long gloves. Men in this state are to look utterly ravishing as they arrive in a white-collared shirt, white bow tie and vest, stain-striped trousers and a black tailcoat.



Theme: Go wild and let loose. This is a free for all in terms of the theme. One thing that is obvious is; if you don’t stick to the theme you are sure to stand out from the crowd, so make sure you dress in the attire that is required and go wild in your chosen theme or character. Remember the more adventurous you are with exploring the boundaries of your given theme, the more fun you will have at your event.