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Eat Street Market's First Birthday

Eat Street Market’s First Birthday

| On 21, Nov 2014

With tasty vendors, new domed seating area, new opening hours and a birthday celebration, Eat Street Markets are a must visit destination for newbies and old regulars.

Ahh it seems like only yesterday our beloved Eat Street popped up at Hamilton Wharf with an abundance of local tasty treats and textile goodies, but they have now been open a year and are bigger and better than ever, and now open on Thursday. As regular visitors who have tried and tested a variety of the meals, drinks, desserts and international cuisines on offer, we know our stuff. We have developed a list of four delicious foods for you and a friend (two mains and two desserts), which you must try, and they will only set you back $30!

Chix & Out Burger from Howzat ($12)

Chicken, avocado, bacon, red onion, cos lettuce and mayo. It is a simple combo but cooked to perfection. An excellent toasted bun, succulent chicken, perfect bacon and an excellent meat-bun-sauce ratio means Howzat never fails. With onion rings and a Nutella milkshake also available you can simply have a burger and keep wondering around the markets, or get all your eating done at one stall.


Simplicio Hotdog from USA BBQ and Bar ($7)

Steamed bun with a hotdog, ketchup, mustard, white onion salad and sliced pickles. If you love mustard, pickles and American comfort food then you have to try this. This stall also offers beer, wings and is everything that USA street food should be. The hotdog is surprisingly filling and this spot has a great view of the stage under the new dome. So why not sit, eat, have a beer and listen to some music.


Nitro Bites from Poulet & Porc ($7)

In addition to their squid and chorizo skewers, polenta chips and crispy pork belly Nitro Nick, and his lab coat, whip up a mighty fine liquid nitrogen dessert. On top of a base of soft and creamy chocolate mousse and a tangy layer of raspberry coolie sits honeycomb infused with liquid nitrogen. Take a mouthful of honeycomb and watch the smoke escape your mouth and nostrils. The nitrogen gives the honeycomb a great smoky taste, this, accompanied with the tangy raspberries and creamy mousse creates the perfect flavour balance, and the best part is that it is super fun to watch the dessert being made.



Chocolate Filled Churro ($4)

Doesn’t the name say it all? A giant churro filled with chocolate. This $4 treat is the perfect dessert to end your night, or a sweet entrée to eat as you walk around the markets deciding on your main course.


Still Want More?

Krazy Lemonade has markets all over Brisbane and has great bottled lemonade and slushies. What you may not know is that they have tasty fruity mix-ins for their slushies including pineapple, mango, coconut and raspberry. These tangy mix-in treats are unique to Eat Street and very refreshing.

Aside from having delicious cupcakes Sugarbomb also have a great Christmas themed gift for your cooking challenged, or lazy loved ones, in the form of layered dry ingredient cookie and brownie jars. Santa cookies, toffee blondie bars and cranberry winter cookies. Simply pour the jar contents in a bowl, add wet ingredients, stir and bake! They look amazing in the mason jars, and are a foolproof treat. It is a great idea for a Secret Santa present and costs ($20).


So whether you are new to the markets, or are simply after new things to try next time you go, this list will help you and a friend cut down on some decisions and help you spend your money wisely.

The Details:

What: Eat Street Markets

When: Thursday 4pm-10pm, Friday 4pm-10pm & Saturday 4pm-10pm

Where: Macarthur Avenue, Hamilton

How Much: $2 entry