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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | August 12, 2020

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Empowerment from Beneath: How Lingerie is Emboldening Women

Empowerment from Beneath: How Lingerie is Emboldening Women
Kate King

From as far back as the 18th century, lingerie has been a very personal and practical item. Mary Phelps Jacob was the godsend we needed in 1913 when she got crafty with some handkerchiefs and some ribbon to create the first modern-day bra. She moved us from nearly ankle-length nighties to what we know as lingerie today.

Lingerie is derived from the French word for linen, lin. No wonder it is associated with a sex appeal, the word only came from France. From the 1920’s through to the thong of the 1990’s, lingerie has taken a swift upward journey as it became shorter and shorter as the years passed. It is now a phenomenal market raking in a profound 82.1 billion US dollars in 2016.

From the Victoria’s secret show to the basic day to day bra and underwear set, lingerie has become a woman’s best-kept secret. Retailers such as Honey Birdette, Drawer No. 1 and more have become somewhat of a novelty and even a collector’s fantasy. A lingerie set can cost upwards of 200 dollars, but something about owning a full set gives women a confidence only seen behind closed doors.

Although lingerie is sometimes marketed to couples as a fun way to ‘spice up’ their love life, it is becoming more popular to buy it for oneself, and solely for that purpose. Single women are buying sets to boost their confidence. Going to work or about your daily business wearing a racy red piece of lingerie allows you to have a secret that only you will ever know about for that time.

We asked a couple of lingerie fanatics about why it is important to them and exactly how owning lacy sets makes them feel.

“I have an older sister so she was pretty into lingerie and I was a part of a predominantly female family at quite a young age… when I started buying my bras, my sister started buying lacy bras so I had an eye for them straight away”

“I have maybe ten sets… I usually buy something unique, something that catches my eye… I’ll be in different moods with lingerie… one morning I was crying before work, I put it on and walked around for about ten to fifteen minutes because it completely changed my mood” – Liv, 20

 Lingerie isn’t just made for people to feel empowered or to change your mood, its unique to whoever is wearing it. For some, it is about empowering yourself while in a relationship.

“I got really into lingerie when I was seventeen and eighteen, being in a relationship I wanted to have something a little more exciting than just a matching black top and bottoms”

 “When it fits I honestly feel amazing! I feel sexy and confident and I’m just so into loving me. I’m at a point where I don’t want to wear it for someone else to see and to make them happy… in a way its my little secret that no one else knows about”- Vanessa, 19

Lingerie has a power, unlike any other fashion item. It is something that has a new meaning for each person that wears it and create s a profound confidence that accompanies each piece. Although expensive, confidence and self-love is an investment many are willing to make.

Feature Image: Victoria Secret set


Image 2: Heidi Klum set, Drawer No. 1


Image 3: Honey Birdette, Tyler Set