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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | November 19, 2019

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Envying Those More Carnal

Envying Those More Carnal
Auran Abraham

Are you happy for all their success, when they always get the things that you yearn for, when they are always just that bit better than you?

Emerald green flickering light fills the inner square of the intimate space the audience sits around, green, like the tacit feeling of envy that thickens the air like the hanging smoke that obscures the ceiling.

Seated in the centre of the four sides of the performance space, barely blinking, unmoving, four women sit, waiting patiently to begin singing and filling the space with the harmonious sound of their voices.

Our Carnal Hearts is an intimate and oftentimes funny mixture of performance that explores the innate venom of envy, and the spiteful emotions that accompany another’s successes.

Written and performed by UK creative and theatrical performer Rachel Mars, the show is brought to Brisbane Festival 2018 after touring internationally, along the way winning the Total Theatre Award for Innovation 2017.

The Brisbane Festival performance, located in QUT’s The Loft, employs the exceptional vocal aptitudes of local talents, Christina Mairs, Sarah Cranfield and Sophie Banister, alongside composer and performer Louise Mothersole, to elevate the experience into something nearing transcendent.

There are two notable stories that interweave the show, one about a fairy and a wish given to an audience member seemingly at random, and a dreamlike tale of a girl with an gift for exploiting the flammability of societal constructs.

The dynamism of the show beyond these stories however, is where the audience hook lies.

Seamlessly integrating the input of the audience and the inclusion of the audience in some of the performance itself via makeshift choral singing and some interesting violence towards Rachel Mars herself using rubber chickens.

The show takes the sin of envy and makes it a true blessing to witness.

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