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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | June 3, 2020

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EP Review: San Cisco's Flaws

EP Review: San Cisco’s Flaws
Georgia Kearins

Review Overview


San Cisco have finally returned to bless our ears with their long-awaited EP, Flaws.

A perfect formula of melancholy and euphoria, Flaws truly shows how the three-piece band have progressed through their lyrics and sound. Guitarist Josh Biondillo and drummer/vocalist Scarlett Stevens present familiar yet original dreamy instrumentals, and lead singer Jordi Davieson delivers damn-near angelic vocals, as is usual.

The title track on their EP, ‘Flaws’, is arguably one of the most stripped back and vulnerable songs the band have released. Written soon after a breakup, ‘Flaws’ reflects on Jordi’s personal issues and pushing through them. Although the lyrics address melancholic sentiments, the sound delivers a mellow and comforting modern/early 90’s feel, which is also highlighted by the nostalgic appearance of the album cover. The title track was the best way to open their new EP, revealing how much their music has matured over the years.



‘Reasons’ has a noticeable upbeat change. Scarlett’s mesmerising backing vocals and groovy riffs made this track as iconic as it is. Similar to ‘Flaws’, this song subtly covers melancholy lyrics with bright and boppy tunes. ‘Reasons’ flawlessly demonstrates how well San Cisco combine their retro vibes with indie-pop.

It’s slow, it’s upbeat, it’s a little bit 80’s and a little bit contemporary – ‘Skin’ reflects on feelings of being left alone when you thought it was going to be forever. “I swear the more I loved you, the further you pushed me away”, provokes both candidness and defeat. It grabs your attention because it’s such a lively yet heart-broken point of view.



The EP ends on an uplifting, anthemic track, ‘Gone’. It seems as if Jordi has accepted his heartbreak through lyrics like “I’m not gonna fight you for love you don’t have”. This seems like a point of view that the lyricist is trying to move on through creative processes and self-development.

What’s evident from San Cisco’s latest work is that they have grown through their music, but like all of us, still have much to learn when it comes to personal life.

San Cisco’s EP released on 27 March 2020 and is available to stream now.

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