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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | July 12, 2020

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The Epicurean Shark

The Epicurean Shark

| On 02, Dec 2018

The Epicurean Shark bills itself as a comedy show seeking answers to one of life’s biggies: why does being bad feel so good?

Why do we punch darts knowing the health risks? Drink despite the hangovers? Take drugs aware that we make regrettable life choices under their influence (Leap onto a passing tram! Run for miles in sub-zero temperatures! Join the flat earthers!)

I’m not sure that we arrived at a conclusion over the course of Brisbane boy Sam Bowden’s show, but the journey alone is worth it. (Maybe we missed something in the first ten minutes. Word of warning: travel by motorised scooters/death traps-for-hire Lime and you will be late; rock up late to a comedy show, and you will be the butt of the joke).

The Epicurean Shark is tales of debauchery fondly remembered. What elevates it beyond your mate bragging about what they got up to on their gap year are: a) a philosophical concept – clue’s in the name – woven amongst the lolz with the deftness of touch that only comes from hours of hard work; and b) Sam is much, much funnier than your mate.

Shadows creep into the light. While regaling us with his personal Trainspotting experience, we realised we hadn’t laughed for a while: hilarity had morphed to horror. But Sam is never less than engaging. The audience remain his plaything for the hour.

Affable and amiable, racy and relatable, Sam is ultimately unforgivable for prompting the discovery of the least edifying two minutes and two seconds ever passed on YouTube. See his show; but Google frog and monkey at your peril.

The details:

What: The Epicurean Shark, presented by Sam Bowden as part of Wonderland Festival 2018

Where: Graffiti Room, Brisbane Powerhouse, 119 Lamington Street, New Farm, QLD 4005

When: Thu 29 Nov – Sun 2 Dec 2018

How much: $20-25

Website: Get tickets here

More info: Facebook stalk Sam here