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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | August 17, 2022

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Ethical Australian Brands to support today

Ethical Australian Brands to support today
Bianca Aniceto

Looking for Australian Ethical brands to support?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together 9 Ethical Australian Brands that you ladies should support today.

  1. Blushed by Teagan Jacobs

‘Blushed’ by Teagan Jacobs is created for the dreamers, the artists and the wild romantics. If you’re looking for a whimsical, romantic, minimalist style, ‘Blushed’ By Teagan Jacobs is the brand for you. Each item of clothing features designs that are both feminine and comfortable, empowering women to feel both empowered and graceful. Based in Perth, Australia, each item is hand made and ready to wear.

Shop ‘Blushed’ by Teagan Jacobs here.
Follow ‘Blushed’ by Teagan Jacobs here.

2. Sun Haze

Sun Haze is an Australian owned brand located on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Known to be timeless, sophisticated and made with the highest fabric quality, Sun Haze design their products to be fashionable and hip with an element of sun protection. Featuring chlorine resistant, fade resistant and full lining on each swimwear product. Each fabric is designed exclusively and printed exclusively by Sun Haze.

Shop Sun Haze here.
Follow Sun Haze here.

3. ELK The Label

Designed and founded by Husband and Wife team, Marie Goding and Adam Koniaras, ELK The Label is based in Australia’s most artistic city, Melbourne. ELK The Label is known as one of Australia’s top ethical retailers featuring in staple, minimalist style clothing. ELK features ready-to-wear items based on innovative designs.

Shop ELK The Label here.
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4. Sister Studio

Produced and designed in Melbourne, Sister Studio is all about keeping it local. Aside from manufacturing locally, Sister studio also aims to minimise waste through designing patterns that minimise fabric waste, using fabric scraps to create other small usable items, donating fabric to local artists, schools and kindergartens, and through using no plastic packaging. Sister studio designs feature a modern retro style, featuring bright and dark colours with unique necklines and hemming.

Shop Sister Studio here.
Follow Sister Studio here.

5. Morton Mac

Made for women, Morton Mac features an effortless, simplistic, elegant modern style. This minimalist brand features various styles made for comfortable and versability. Each item of clothing features unique attention to detail, perfect for the modern woman looking to add a twist. Morton Mac specialises in using a variety of linen fabrics.

Shop Morton Mac here.

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6. Shaynne The Label

Featuring simplistic designs, Shyanne The Label provides the perfect ‘canvas’ clothing for women to embrace their own individual style and trends. Producing neutral coloured luxurious clothing, Shyanne The Label a local handmade retailer in Australia and Bali.

Shop Shaynne The Label here.
Follow Shaynne The Label here.

7. Wild 

Looking to buy some vintage tees and jumpers? Welcome to Wild! Usually made from luxurious linen fabrics, Wild has recently expanded their borders to cater to selling vintage sweaters and jumpers alongside their staple linen pieces. Each collection is made sustainably and handmade in Bali.

Shop Wild here.
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8. Camp Cove Swim

Looking to support a brand that empowers women? Well, we’ve got the perfect brand for you! Camp Cove Swim seeks to challenge the current beauty standards and to celebrate the bodies of everyday women. Designed with funky, retro, nostalgic vibes, this swimwear company is both fun and fresh.


Shop Camp Cove Swim here.
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9. Olive the Label

Looking for some funky Ethical clothing stores? Olive the Label features various handmade collections at affordable prices. Focusing on sustainability, and recycling fabrics, Olive The Label reuses this form of repeating to give old fabrics new stories for modern women. Each item is made with bright primary colours, guaranteed to help you stand out against the crowd.

Shop Olive The Label here.
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