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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | November 17, 2019

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Eves Karydas Releases There For You

Eves Karydas Releases There For You

| On 29, Nov 2017

Brisbane’s Eves Karydasis an experimental pop artist on the rise. Earlier this month, Eves released her latest single, There For You, and its accompanying music video. She joined us to talk about her new music and life in London.

“Ever since I can remember, I’ve been writing songs. It’s always been something that I’ve been immensely interested in and driven by. One thing followed another because it was all I was passionate about and all I put my energy into.”

Eves Karydas Releases There For You

Originally from Brisbane, Eves, now 23, moved to London on her own at 20. While the move wasn’t without its challenges, she says that she’s learnt how to be more unguarded and confident. Eves says she feels that this growth was forced onto her, as it was essential to avoid being “swallowed by the city”.

“It has to be one of the toughest things I’ve ever done! Moving away from my family was the hardest part. Battling with the different time zones can make it really hard to communicate. But it’s also been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’ve grown and learnt so much.”

“Living very far away from anything familiar definitely had me re-assessing what was important to me and who was important in my life. It forced me to dive in and give my all to those things in a way that I hadn’t before. I wrote There For You about that feeling. It’s about cutting the bullshit and just being upfront about what matters to you.”

Eves Karydas Releases There For You

There For You was produced and mixed by Chris Zane, who’s known for his work with Passion Pit and Bat For Lashes. Eves let us in on what the pair’s collaboration taught her.

“I learnt so much from Chris, but most notably he taught me that I could push myself further than I knew. That there’s always that little bit more you can give to a song. Id never really had someone say to me ‘yeah sure, that’s good, but you could do better’. It was exactly the kind of challenge I needed.”

Eves also teamed up with Clare Gillen, who directed the There For You music video. Shot in an abandoned mansion in Los Angeles, Clare and Eves brought together the perfect visualisation for the track.

“Clare and I both had a very clear idea of how we wanted the song presented. It had to be very unguarded, no frills, nothing choreographed. We hung out a whole bunch beforehand and it was really important for us to have that familiarity with each other. We wanted the video to feel really candid and I think for that to come across naturally we had to have that friendship first.”

After almost a year and a half in the studio, Eves says she can’t wait to share more new music.

“One of my favourite things about songwriting it that it doesn’t always have to start on a piano or on a guitar. I’ve always been interested in pushing my own boundaries, in finding new ways to write. I have a really strong interest in DIY methods of producing. I like when the process is messy, warbled, unclear… when you know you’re following something worth trekking through the fog for”

IfThere For You proves anything, it’s that Eves Karydasis an artist to keep your eye on. You can stay up to date with all Eves’ news here.