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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | June 5, 2020

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Exploring the inner goddess with Mosessa

Exploring the inner goddess with Mosessa

| On 19, May 2015

Young creative, Mosessa delves into the world of the goddess in her latest project ‘Diyosa’ now on display in Brisbane.

A testament to Brisbane’s flourishing young and emerging art scene, Mosessa is one young talent to watch, with an eclectic art style combined with her fascination with bright and bold color themes.

After graduating with a Animation degree in 2007, Mosessa has worked as a graphic designer, illustrator and digital games artist. But her most recent exhibition, ‘Diyosa’ has been turning heads with her divergent style, in an exploration of colors and beautiful exotic women.

The up and coming artist took so time out to answer a few questions with The Creative Issue. 

'Yuliya' by Mosessa

‘Yuliya’ by Mosessa

TCI: Tell us a little about yourself. What got you interested in art/graphic design?

Mosessa: When I was a younger I was a big gamer… I was actually going to study games programming but changed last minute to Animation. It was during this course that I was introduced to a Wacom tablet. I initially used it to paint textures for 3D models, but I then started to experiment and ended up doing a lot of digital fashion illustrations. After I finished my course, I ended up working as a graphic designer and painting in my free time.

TCI: What’s your preferred medium?

Mosessa: I actually still really enjoy working both digitally and traditionally. Each medium has its pros and cons. If I had to pick I’d probably say acrylic paints and colour pencils because I use them all the time, although I’ve just started using oils and I love the feel of them!

TCI: Where do you find inspiration for most of your work?

Mosessa: A lot of my inspiration comes from super late night Pinterest sessions on my laptop. I’m really drawn to bold colour themes, patterns, exotic flora and fauna, ocean life and mythology.

TCI: Can you tell me about Diyosa and the process of putting that showcase together?

Mosessa: I approached Ugees Espresso with an expression of interest to exhibit last December. At the time I had no work, no concept and no idea about what I was going to do! I was feeling a bit of artist’s block during that period and thought that a deadline would really push me to create something; which it definitely did. I am half Filipina/German so I really wanted to do a collection on womanhood, multiculturalism and diversity. I chose the name Diyosa (which means ‘Goddess’ in tagalog) because of my heritage. I also feel that the women I’ve painted, even though they are such a diverse group, are all strong and bold.

Mosessa at work

TCI: What do you think makes a goddess?

Mosessa: Strength, passion and kindness.

TCI: Any other upcoming projects for readers to look forward too?

Mosessa: I’m currently working on a collection of flowers made of exotic fish that I’ve called ‘Aquablooms’. You can check out the progress of on my instagram @mosessa.

For more information about Mosessa’s upcoming work visit her official site, where you’ll also be able to check out and purchase some of her pieces.