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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | October 22, 2021

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Adventure Land rocks The Zoo

Adventure Land rocks The Zoo

| On 23, Apr 2015

   Brisbane pop-rock band, Adventure Land has exploded back onto the scene with their new single, Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is.

The independent five piece shredded the stage of The Zoo earlier this month, proving that Brisbane is continuously producing quality muso groups across all genres.10464347_10153224560453836_7675248270034884201_n

Growing up together and collaborating as a group of talented young teens, Sam, Greg, Olivia, Tim and Brendon say making music together is second nature a few years on.

“We’re all on the same page and we know what each other are capable of, and how to get the best creativity out of each other musically.”

While Brisbane is unfortunately put on the back burner in terms of music, often behind the more musically saturated hubs of Sydney and Melbourne, Adventure Land acknowledges the acquired taste of most Brissie music enthusiasts.

“It’s certainly got a lot more indie/folk in recent times. There’s not a lot of commercial radio or even Rock music going around Brisbane at the moment.”

11127073_10153221727588836_1053642691816602017_nWith Brisbane culminating a scene of hipsters swaying in the mosh pit to some indie acoustic causing their beards to scratch nearby shoulders, where does this leave Adventure Land with their pop/rock sound?

“The Rock/Pop genre isn’t real cool when you are talking to hipsters but I think it’s one of those genres that a lot of people enjoy but don’t talk about. That’s because right now it’s not what the mass majority of 18+ is listening to in public. Maybe when they are cruising in their car or chilling in their room they chuck on some Rock/Pop. But when they’re in public they’ll put something like Megan Washington or Bon Iver on because liking that genre (at the moment) gives you more social status.”

While they might feel like their genre is a bit of a guilty pleasure for listeners, the five piece say that the most important aspect of their music is that it should make you feel good.

“Or at least feel something. If our music doesn’t draw on some emotion then we aren’t doing what we should be. It has to be genuine.”11150828_10153228350373836_1496553919450821957_n

TCI: A few quick questions…

What is the best…

Gig you’ve played?

AL: We played a show in Perth at a small festival and everyone in the crowd was amazing. I think they miss out on a lot of good live music over there so when they get the chance they’re all about it and are all in.

TCI: Gig you’ve been to?

AL: I went to a Dashboard Confessional concert in Atlanta when I was late teens and Ben Lee supported. It was pretty rad hearing him play all the songs I listened to growing up and the crowd was off the charts. The crowd sang louder than I have heard since.

TCI: Venue to play at?

AL: Well we just played The Zoo, that was cool. The New Globe looks good and so does The Triffid so I’ll let you know after we play them.

TCI: Band in Australia at the moment?

AL: Really liking Jarryd James, that guy deserves all the success after so much hard work.

TCI: What would be your ultimate tour collaboration?

AL: Right now we would love to tour with Imagine Dragons, Maroon 5, MGMT (cause that would be one crazy experience) or The Killers.11150155_10153219611488836_7270871269707159073_n

So what should the fans be expecting to see next from Adventure Land?

“We are straight to working on our next single ‘Tell Me It’s Alright’. It’s a bit more on the rock side of things with a big chorus so should be a fun song.”

Stay tuned for Adventure Land’s upcoming Australian tour coming in late 2015 on their Facebook page:

Or tune in to some tracks on soundcloud: