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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | November 22, 2019

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A Reflective Night Out: Fran Barbe's Exquisite

A Reflective Night Out: Fran Barbe’s Exquisite

| On 19, Nov 2016

Grief is never easy. Losing someone or something dear to you is often a situation that is hard to deal with.

Loss is a part of life, yet our society isn’t really equipped with the skills to deal with it easily. And yet, when exploring this sensitive topic, much can be said about it. Exquisite is the kind of performance that really spoke volumes while presenting little. A part of Queensland’s inaugural Deathfest, this brief, fleeting performance as performed, directed and choreographed by Fran Barbe reflected on grieving as “an exquisite sensation.”



This performance is perhaps one of the most unique I’ve ever witnessed. Blending contemporary dance with an unusual set and use of lighting as well as a repetitive instrumental soundtrack, Exquisite really took art to a different level. The movements of Fran and her guests, Brian Lucas and Min Zhu were minimal, portraying something esoteric and open to interpretation. The set was made up of sheets draped across various points on the stage, which the dancers interacted with. The lighting was dim for the majority of the performance which made for a unique experience. The soundtrack to this production, composed by Mace Francis, was minimalistic and repetitive, which reflected the choreography and enhanced it with its sombre ambience. Min Zhu was perhaps the most graceful of the three dancers with a powerful solo that resonated the theme of the show. The whole night itself was also an interesting take on what theatre can be.


The audience was instructed to go to behind the theatre at the start of the show to enjoy some time at a bar that had been set up and listen to some jazzy tunes. After an unspecified amount of time the audience was slowly ushered into the auditorium of the Sue Benner theatre, where the show began. This is not your conventional night at the theatre and whilst an open mind could be of use, you can really tell that this piece is personal, thought-provoking and an unaffected affair.

What Exquisite

Where Metro Arts, Brisbane City

When November 16 – 20

How Much $23-28

Find out more about the event here

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