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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | October 25, 2020

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Falling For Rhye

Falling For Rhye

| On 22, Apr 2013

Just about the best thing that can happen to me is discovering a new artist and I’m not just talking about your run of the mill ‘oh that’s nice’. I’m talking about a new tune that keeps you awake at night, a song that is endlessly stuck in your head, a band that creates a temporary sort-of heaven on earth…I’m talking pure genius. And boy have I found just that.

The duo is just about the best thing to come out of California since I don’t know when. Mike Miolsh, from Canada (Ay?) and Danish Robin Hannibal begun working together in 2010. They began releasing tracks seemingly anonymously and awfully mysteriously under the pseudonym ‘Rhye‘.

Rhye release their debut album ‘Woman’ in March, 2013 and I can honestly say it is (in my opinion) the best album to come out of 2013.

The album is a collection of soulful, electronic jazz ballads, which is perfectly complemented by Milosh’s high and sign-like contralto (that’s industry speak for low female vocals). And yes, his vocals do sound ridiculously feminine and may I add, just a little sexy.

Our first taste of the LA based duo is the track ‘Open’. Male vocalist (I’m still not totally convinced) Milosh sings “I’m a fool for that shake in your thighs” and if you listen really carefully, you can hear every female in the world swoon. The song is electronic, but it’s also a little bit of jazz, a little soulful and a little bit dreamy.

It’s followed up by the ultra sexy tune ‘The Fall’, which has a really, really fantastic film clip, worth a watch. And Rhye does it to us again, the first lyrics of ‘The Fall’ are…“make love to me, one more time, before you go away.” Following suit, it’s a unique, soulful, dreamy electronic ballad for the ages, made only better by the high-pitched male vocals of Mike Milosh.

Image: Rhye Music

Image: Rhye Music

Rhye’s debut album provides a unique and blissful experience to the ears, and each song is complementary of the next. I don’t know if it’s the unique, and slightly confusing vocals or the sexy lyrics that make Rhye so good but either way the sound is simply intoxicating.

I rate the album 8 and a half sexually confused vocalists – it’s an absolute must listen!