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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | June 28, 2022

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Fan Girl Returns with 'backwards (everything is)'

Fan Girl Returns with ‘backwards (everything is)’
Georgia Kearins

Much loved Melbourne rock outfit Fan Girl have today returned with a brand new single and video, ‘backwards (everything is)’.

This is the group’s third release since their hiatus, following the tragic passing of founding member and best friend Jack Wood after their debut album release in 2018. Vince, Noah & Luke are carrying the torch forward for the band, equipped with a newfound appreciation for each other, and self-professed “obnoxious guitar music”. ‘backwards (everything is)’ shows a sonically sunnier side to the wholesome trio, and features the brilliant vocals of Sydney artist Annie Hamilton.

Known for their quirky and somewhat sonically dark discography, Fan Girl explain ‘backwards (everything is)’ was the result of a challenge “to write what some people might see as a “happy” sounding Fan Girl song, while still being a little wonky, broken and unhinged.”

We at The Creative Issue were lucky enough to have a chat to Fan Girl about their new single, how their routines have changed since COVID-19 and their future plans.

The Creative Issue: Congrats on the upcoming release of your new single, ‘backwards (everything is)’!

Fan Girl: Thanks! We are very excited! Appreciate you taking the time to chat with us. We love you!



TCI: I’m loving the upbeat sound on the single! What’s the story and inspiration behind ‘backwards (everything is)’?

FG: We just wanted to write something happy-sounding. Make the children smile a little. Bring some joy. I think we failed. Children crying (everywhere). Also, “upbeat”? Them lyrics SAD.

TCI: The upcoming single features the talent of Annie Hamilton. How did you guys end up working together on this track?

FG: We knew the track needed another voice, and Annie was one of the first people that came to mind. We had been smashing her latest EP, and were over the moon when she agreed to join our circus. It was all recorded during lockdown, so we sent the files via carrier pigeon, and Annie recorded her vocals from her studio in Sydney.

TCI: The artwork for the single is wicked. Who was the creator behind these awesome visuals?

FG: Aneta Urbonaite! We had grand plans for a series of works, but stage four stamped those dreams out like a short-heeled cowboy boot on a petite wildfire. Aneta saved the day with some brilliant thinking, and a dream-like collage that suits the song perfectly. Really excited to be working with her!



TCI: How has the creative process changed ever since COVID in addition to significant changes in the band?

FG: Usually, we are writing and recording in our studio, Taste Police HQ, but with the recent restrictions, we have all been limited to our own homes. So it has mostly been sending demos on Zoom, mixing on Zoom, and playing with new Snapchat filters on Zoom. “Zoom, Zoom, Zoom” – Mazda 2003

TCI: What is something you’ve learned since Jack’s tragic passing as well as two members moving on from the band that you could share with fans or musicians going through a similar situation?

FG: We have all learnt so much in the last couple years, and our lives have all changed so dramatically. More than ever, cherish your friends and the time that you get to spend with them, tell them that you love them, as much as possible, and do what you love, together. Life has proven to sometimes be tragically short, so we often find ourselves saying that everyone needs to do whatever it is they need to do, where possible.

TCI: Was the making of ‘backwards (everything is)’ a challenge for the band? If so, how did you guys get over those hurdles?

FG: Weirdly, it was super easy to write. But that’s where the fun ends. Restrictions made the recording process, and accessing the studio, a little funky. Financially, most of our income comes from playing shows (ahh the memories) and it’s been a minute since one of those, so funding this little ditty was a process in itself. We streamlined our usual methods and somehow managed to finish it. We have also been living like monks, without the “being good spiritual people” bit.

TCI: What can we expect from Fan Girl in 2020/2021? Will we be lucky enough to get a cheeky tour or album?

FG: We are going to release lots of music and (hopefully) tour as much as possible. Nothing cheeky here. Very excited for 2021 (or whenever it is that we can do things again).

‘backwards (everything is)’ is out now! Give it a listen.

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