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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | September 20, 2021

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Fancy Face On Fire With Debut EP!

Fancy Face On Fire With Debut EP!
Victoria Jenkins

Rising stars Fancy Face have just released their debut EP and the band caught up with TCI to take us though He Said, He Said track-by-track.

For a band that formed in 2019 Fancy Face somehow haven’t let 2020’s Covid craziness slow them down. The Melbourne quintet released their debut single ‘Slip Up’ back in March and built quickly on their initial success with singles ‘Just You Wait’ and ‘Things Are Getting Better’. The release of He Said, He Said, produced by Alex Markwell of The Delta Riggs, offers brand new track ‘Are You With Us’ which is the indie rock icing on the cake for this stellar debut.

Slip Up
This is the opening track to the EP and probably a band favourite. We had so much fun tracking this one, I remember on the day we had all been listening to Dr John, the Locked Down album in the studio and we all immediately felt a sense of influence so we just ran with it. The message in ‘Slip Up’ is pretty real – we all make mistakes, we all may “slip up” from time to time and coming to terms with that can sometimes be brutal, but it’s essential to move forward.

Just You Wait
This was the second single from the band and one we felt pretty strongly about. When I was putting this song together it was moments after a major split of a long and deep relationship with someone and I guess this is how I saw it at the time.

Things Are Getting Better
Love this tune! This actually seemed to be our most well received number live. It represents a moment in time when I felt that no matter what was going on, things can always get better!

Are You With Us
This is an unreleased track which most people wouldn’t have heard. It was actually going to be the first single, but we opted against that as it was a tad longer than the other songs. I think people are really going to enjoy this one! It has a real 90’s festival, brit rock vibe to it. We’re stoked to put this out!

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