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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | October 24, 2021

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Fergus James On His Australian Tour And Debut EP

Fergus James On His Australian Tour And Debut EP
Taylor Furby

Fergus James wraps up his Australian tour tonight in Brisbane at The Milk Factory.

Fergus released his debut EP, All Of The Colours, on November 1st and backed it up with a tour around the major cities in Australia. After only one year since the release of ‘What Are We Waiting For’, Fergus James has come a long way. Landing the number one song played on Triple J over summer, opening for Ed Sheeran on the Australian leg of his tour, playing at Splendour in the Grass and now the release of his debut EP.

We had a chat with Fergus about the EP ahead of his Brisbane show.

The Creative Issue: How does it feel to finally have your debut EP out?

Fergus James: I am only relieved and excited to have a two and half year project out in the world. If you had asked me once I finished school two years ago, the thought of an EP would have blown my mind. So very excited, relieved and thankful. 

TCI: Where did you draw inspiration from for the songs on the EP?

FJ: All Of The Colours is an inspirational culmination of my young adult life, and the music that soundtracked the past years for me. The EP finds inspiration from the sounds of Gang of Youths, Vance Joy and Maggie Rogers to the more subdued themes and sounds of Bon Iver and Radiohead. Each song is thematically and sonically different, hence, all ‘different colours’ of myself as an artist. Music is too vast and beautiful to be confined by a rigid sense of genre, and I wanted to make sure that I listened to as much music for this EP as possible, so that I could write an eclectic body of work. I truly hope I achieved this.

TCI: You worked with some pretty big producers while recording the EP, what kind of things did you learn from them?

FJ: Longevity and the pursuit of ‘good music’. Every co-writer and producer on the EP are down right professionals, and their experiences really rubbed off on me. The one piece of knowledge passed on by all of them was the power in writing good music devoid of trying to achieve ‘coolness’ or fitting in. And from writing music that you enjoy, which is far removed from trends and our ever-changing modern culture, a happy, long lived career will follow. And I only hope that I have laid the ground work for this!

TCI: You opened the main stage at Splendour in the Grass on the Saturday and drew quite a crowd, was Splendour something to check off your bucket list?

FJ: You have no idea!! Haha. I was talking to my mum about it all, and since a young kid, my three goals have been Splendour in the Grass, playing the Enmore theatre in Sydney and releasing an album. Unbelievably, I was able to tick off two of those goals this year… Pinch me.

TCI: Has there been any moment in your music journey where you’ve thought that this could really go somewhere?

FJ: There have been countless moments where I have been blown away and really thought “this could go somewhere”. Many big moments, many small. But quite recently there was a poignant moment at my Sydney headline show where the whole audience began to sing my track ‘Back To Life’ right back at me. I’ve never come close to tears, but that was the closest… If there is anything that makes you believe that the whole music game is feasible, then people activity engaging with your music will definitely do it!  

TCI: What have been the highlights for you so far?

FJ: The funnest run of shows supporting Meg Mac and SITG, having songs on radio, meeting and collaborating with some of the country’s best and talented, and generally, and I don’t mean this lightly, living the absolute dream. No doubt it gets tough and it can seem pointless, and real world problems arise all the time. But I am constantly so humbled to be doing what I’m doing, and all the highlights just push me to make and perform the best music I can. 

TCI: What’s your next big goal in your career?

FJ: I’m really excited for all the new music I’ve been working on. It is still only early days, but I’m stoked to further develop and grow the sound that is ‘Fergus James’. And maybe another body of work will come from the songs? Only time will tell…

TCI: As a young artist, have you got an advice for aspiring musicians?

FJ: I think my goal personally for the next year is to find time for me outside of the music world. Music is one of the most profound things in my life, and it becomes very easy to get too caught up in it all, and particularly difficult to draw a line between ‘music life’ and ‘home life’. I think my best advice to aspiring musicians would be to throw themselves into their art as passionately and hard as they can, but keep their friends, family and hobbies close. They will become your life vest in the bewildering yet marvellous sea that is music. 

TCI: Have you got any big plans for 2020?

FJ: Writing more (and better) music, more touring, meeting more people, travel, and hopefully becoming a better person while I’m at it. A grammy would be nice too… 

You can still grab tickets to his Brisbane show here and steam the EP here.

: Fergus James – All Of The Colours EP Tour
Where: The Milk Factory, 48 Montague Road, South Brisbane QLD 4101
When: Friday 15th November @ 8pm
How Much: $18.40
Website: link to website
More Info: 18+ event

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