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Film Review: Young and Beautiful

Film Review: Young and Beautiful

| On 06, May 2014

French film Young and Beautiful brings its audience on a significantly different version of the typical coming-of-age drama.

Isabelle, played by the stunning Marine Vacth, plays a just-turned-17-year-old girl who has recently lost her virginity and has decided to take up a secret life as a ‘call girl.’

For reasons unknown, Isabelle takes very little interest in her clients and the money she makes, appearing to do these acts just for the sake of doing them (she doesn’t even seem that caring in regards to what her job actually entails).

The young and beautiful Marine Vacht

The young and beautiful Marine Vacth

Director Francois Ozon explores Isabelle’s tale in a very confident manner. The camera angles and character personalities are all done in a very bold approach without shying away from anything.

youngandbeautifulkeyartIsabelle wears a mask so strong, even the audience never truly understands her motivations in becoming a prostitute, yet Vacth manages to keep the audience engaged with her piercing gazes and seductive glances.

While the actors stand out brilliantly, the story falls short of a true movie adventure.  The overall premise is about two teens, Isabella and her younger brother Victor, exploring sexuality but the movie never reaches its ‘point.’

If you enjoy movies with no significant end, or enjoy the R rated flick for obvious reasons outlined in the plot, Young and Beautiful definitely follows through in those regards.


Young and Beautiful is being played at the Palace Barracks Cinema from May 1st.