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Finally... A GOOD Vego Burger!

Finally… A GOOD Vego Burger!

| On 02, Nov 2014

The burger scene in Brisbane is going off right now, so it’s a pretty unfortunate time to be a vegetarian.

Anyone who understands a thing or two about vegetarianism knows that their burger choices are limited and average at best… There’s an unspoken limit on how many chickpea, lentil, haloumi and mushroom patties a person can take.

So here is a tofu burger recipe will change the vego burger stigma forever!

For five patties, all you need is:

1. A packet of FIRM tofu. NEVER SOFT. Not even handfuls of flour can save these patties if you use silken tofu. Cut your FIRM tofu into chunks.

2. A tablespoon of tomato paste

3. A dash of soy sauce

4. Two garlic cloves, minced

5. Two large carrots, grated

6. Bread crumbs OR cornflake crumbs OR sesame seeds. This is to coat the patties before frying

If you like spice, add chilli. If you’re into herbs, coriander works a treat too. The beauty of this recipe is that you can shove in anything and it still tastes incredible.

Once you have all of your ingredients, combine them in a food processor or stick blender. Roll them into palm-sized balls and roll the balls in your chosen coating.

Now, just throw them into a pan of hot oil – any sort of oil will do. Be gentle as you flip them.

There you have it – delicious and healthy tofu patties! My serving suggestion is wrap them up in mountain bread  with a delicious peanut sauce or tahini.

Here’s some food-porn worthy serving suggestions too:

Serving suggestion, food-porn style. Source:


Try Meat-Free Monday this week with some sweet soy patties!

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