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Five ways to get your music heard in Brisbane

Five ways to get your music heard in Brisbane

| On 26, Nov 2013

You play an instrument? Good. In a band? Even better. Keep reading.

It seems pretty much impossible at the start of any career to kickstart the whole thing.

Especially for the music scene, with so much going on and so many amazing artists.

It seems to me, however, that Brisbane has some of the best musical talent a city has to offer. Everyone knows mates, or mates of mates, or mates of mates of mates, who are homegrown legends the world doesn’t know about yet.

SO, here are five simple ways to get yourself or the plethora of mates already listed a little kickstart.

1. Create a profile on Triple J Unearthed.

Unearthed is an initiative developed in 1995 that gives unsigned and independent talent a chance to make their music public.

Allowing your everyday citizen to have their say, the outlet is an opportunity to have people rate and review your stuff.

Streamed via digital radio the goods found here can be entered into competitions such as Homebake and High that have led to some of our Aussie greats being recognised as greats.

You might recognise names such as Boy & Bear, Stonefield, Gypsy & the Cat, the Jezebels, Seth Sentry, Washington, Missy Higgins, Killing Heidi, Grinspoon etc, etc.

It’s a goldmine of muso goodness.

Here’s how to get your very own goods out there:

1. Sign up as an artist on the Triple J Unearthed Website. Enter your details and it’s that easy.
2. Upload three tunes. As soon as they get approved the public will be able to see you and all your potential glory.
3. Keep your profile up to date.


2. Submit a few tunes to 4ZZZ

A radio station with their heads screwed on really right, or really wrong, 4ZZZ is unique. Many tune in to hear their controversial topics, new and unusual music or latest Zedlines.

The crew at this place welcome music submissions with open arms. Jump onto their website, scroll down to the bottom and in fine print you’ll find a ‘submit your music’ prompt.

Be prompted.

If you’re keen to get involved on an entirely different muso level, 4ZZZ are always calling for volunteers and interns. A great place to kick off a career for those interested in radio.

3. Log on to

It’s all in the name. These guys are a website and streamed radio station dedicated to, you guessed it, some home-grown talent.

Developed purely to give aspiring artists a fair go, music can be submitted to the admin team and then showcased online.

Submissions are taken at, so pull up an extra tab and fire up your emails ladies and gents.

4. Ask a local venue

Venues are people too. The, you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours number is a real gem for this kind of platform. Venues want people to come in, grab a drink and listen to some cool music.

Some of the best bars in Brisbane are home to local legends. Bars such as Rics, X & Y and The Tempo are well known, but even in local cafes, bookstores or record shops there is potential for a gig.

You might even get paid.

5. Finally, ask your mates if they have a birthday coming up.

I’ve been to some excellent Halloween parties, Australia day parties and birthday parties where local bands have played and made the night.

Oh, and as a side note, social media is your best friend. Self publication is the way of the future. People can only listen to your music if it’s there to be had.

Plug any and all news, someone will want to know.

(Cover image taken by Martin Howard)