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French Twist at Bulimba

French Twist at Bulimba

| On 13, Jul 2014

With Bastille Day around the corner and visions of lycra-clad cyclists whizzing across the French countryside every time I turn on SBS, I find myself with France on my mind and wanting French food in my belly.

So what Brisbane establishment better epitomizes all the things we love most about France other than French Twist?

Freshly baked bread and croissants, glistening pastries and macaroons and steaming quiches form part of why we all love French Twist and why we all return to their menu so often.

ft4The French Twist at Bulimba is fast becoming one of my favourite breakfast spots on the south side.

With an enclosed deck covered in vines and twelve little tables in two straight lines (kidding, they’re not OCD, I just wanted to semi-quote Madeline), this French Twist offers a relaxed, balmy spot for breakfast or lunch.

I recently visited French Twist at Bulimba for breakfast and thoroughly enjoyed their friendly service, cool interior and large servings. They were so large that my younger sister and I decided to share one dish and we still managed to leave rather full!

Together we ate a toasted croissant topped with scrambled eggs, crispy prosciutto, mushrooms, spinach and tomato. It was très délicieux. Melt-in-your-mouth, buttery smooths eggs with a super salty hit of prosciutto. And any dish with my favourite breakfast vegetables of mushroom and spinach is a hit with me. Chuck in some tomato for extra juicy freshness and we’re set.



Half a croissant each, piled high with these ingredients, was more than enough for the two of us yet we still managed to have room for a fresh juice and coffee. My little sister loves their Instagram friendly watermelon juice in a jar crammed full of fresh fruit whilst I love their cappuccino’s with a liberal dash of sprinkled chocolate powder in their elegant crockery.ft3

My mum and aunt also dined with us that day and also decided to share a meal. They shared avocado on toast which comes in two oversized pieces of sourdough toast smothered in hummus and fresh avocado with lemon juice. This dish is the same price as many of its equals around Brisbane but twice the size. So twice the avocado goodness.


Overall, French Twist is a worthy staple for Brisbane as it offers consistently delicious, affordable food with the option of taking home a white box full of pastries. What’s not to love?

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A cool, balmy interior, delicious, affordable food and scrumptious coffee make this a worthy establishment.