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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | August 12, 2020

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From Darkness Brings It Into The Light

From Darkness Brings It Into The Light
Nahima Kern

Have you ever sat on a bus on your morning or evening commute and looked up to see everyone staring at their phones? How about out in public at the shops or even when seeing people crossing the street? It would seem that as a society, we are becoming more and more disconnected from each other, even family. So what if there was something that explored that disconnect and focussed on bringing it all back?

Welcome to From Darkness, a new play by esteemed Indigenous playwright Steven Oliver and presented by La Boite and Brisbane Festival. From Darkness explores the themes behind silence, the unspoken words beyond grief and melds it all together in a warm, poignantly bittersweet, family drama.

Vinnie, the son of Abigail and Eric has tragically taken his own life and, in their own respective ways, the family comes to terms with his life being cut short. His parents, his siblings, Akira and Preston, and paternal grandmother Nanna Lou all have their own views on why his death took place.

The premise of the show takes place on the anniversary of Vinnie’s death, which has afforded the characters time to really take stock of what has happened. It affords the audience with mature characters that have a lot to give both to the audience and to the play.

What made From Darkness really shine was the top-notch comedy gold rippling through the script, and the exceptional acting by Colin Smith, Eric, Ebony McGuire, Akira, Roxanne McDonald, Nanna Lou, Liza Maza, Abigail, and Benjin Maza, Preston.

Each of these talented people brought something special to the play, their own unique touches that brought out the beauty in difficult themes. And with high energy and laugh out loud humour balanced with moments of sheer poignancy throughout, it is little wonder the house was full.

What: From Darkness
Where: Theatre Republic – Roundhouse Theatre
La Boite, 6 Musk Ave, Kelvin Grove QLD 4059
When: Saturday 7 September 2019 – Saturday 28 September 2019
How Much: $35 – $120
Website: Here

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