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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | October 17, 2021

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Future Haunts Talks New Single 'Social Glue'

Future Haunts Talks New Single ‘Social Glue’
Bonnie Hogan

Brisbane’s own Future Haunts are back with their biting new single ‘Social Glue’ – a punchy protest anthem available now on all streaming platforms.

Future Haunts rapidly dominated the Aussie indie rock scene after their debut a few years back, and since then have played alongside the likes of Bad//Dreems, Hockey Dad, Middle Kids, Jaguar Jonze, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, Horror My Friend and Planet

This will be the band’s first single since COVID stole the limelight in 2020, and for Future Haunts’ fans both new and old, it will not disappoint.

The highly anticipated track showcases a fresh, effortless blend of alternative punk rock, combined with the band’s signature sound of textured guitar-scapes and layered, agile melodies. 

What makes this single a major step forward for the band’s presence in the music industry though, is the unabashed honesty and lyrical introspection. ‘Social Glue’ challenges the ubiquity of the patriarchy head-on, unveiling a raw and personal account of each band member’s experiences with toxic masculinity. 

“It’s everywhere, in everything we do and no matter how hard we try to bury our heads in the sand and tell ourselves it’s not a problem, we’re all still stuck deep within the social glue that holds it all together. ‘The Bachelor’, Friday night footy, product advertisements and even your nightly news all sell us this narrow, outdated view of what it means to be a man and what’s considered ‘normal’, but in the process it’s damaging our collective well-being and preventing us from evolving and bettering ourselves as human beings” – says Future Haunts’ lead guitarist and vocalist Ben Speight. 

The Creative Issue had the pleasure of chatting with Ben directly about the band’s new single and their journey so far. 

The Creative Issue: When and how did you first come together as a band?

Ben Speight: Fun fact, we all actually grew up in the lovely little town of Bundaberg (AKA Rum City), but being different ages most of us didn’t really know each other until we moved to Brisbane some time later. Dan (bass) and I started things as a bedroom project around 2015, mucked around with some demos and finally got up off the couch and started playing shows. We went through a few lineup changes including our guitarist moving to China, then we met Tom (guitar) and Stu (drums) through the music scene (who were playing in Good Boy at the time) and things have fit like a glove since then.

TCI: How do you feel your new single shows your growth as a band compared to when you first started? 

BS: For me, ‘Social Glue’ is a much more up front and direct way of approaching things for us. We made a conscious effort of not putting anything behind a veil or watering down the messages we’re trying to convey. As a songwriter I felt a clear direction with this new group of songs in terms of getting some things off my chest and exposing things in a more raw and exposed format – less second guessing, more backing ourselves and ideas.

TCI: You’ve said that toxic masculinity is the key theme that drives this new single – did you always know you wanted to address this issue or was it something that happened more organically as you began writing?

BS: I think it’s a topic that’s always made me uncomfortable throughout my life, but for some reason I’ve only recently been able to properly reflect and put my thoughts into some kind of medium. Having a son of my own last year was probably the catalyst for deciding I wanted to channel this into a song and not just sit around and continue to ignore it. With most of my writing I don’t usually set out to cover a specific topic or issue, and sometimes I don’t even know what the song is about until sometime later – but this one came to me very quickly and clearly.

TCI: On the topic of your writing process, how do you guys usually bring a song to life/know if an idea is worth expanding on?  

BS: The way we’ve written to date is fairly straightforward and organic – we get together in our practice room, someone has an idea, we play it through, feed off each other, work through it some more, then put a demo together and throw it on the pile until we have enough tracks to whittle down a list for recording properly. For me, the songs that usually make it are the ones that had some kind of initial spark that stood out from the beginning and made us feel something special, rather than the ones you labour over, trying to fit a square peg into a round hole so to speak. 


Artwork for Future Haunts Latest Single 'Social Glue' Artwork for Future Haunts Latest Single ‘Social Glue’


TCI: Music has always been the perfect outlet/vessel of social or political response, especially in the rock genre – and yet having such a strong one can lose you followers/listeners if perceived the wrong way or simply disagreed with. Was this ever a thought that crossed your mind as you chose/wrote this song to be your next single?

BS: For sure it’s something that enters your mind to some extent when covering a topic that some people might not see eye to eye on, but I’m finding the more we do this as a band the less effort I place on caring how others might perceive what we’re putting out there. I think if you do that too much it can get in the way of creating something that actually resonates with people and thins out the impact you’re trying to generate. The band all firmly stands behind the track and with an issue like this which is undoubtedly harmful for everyone, anyone who sits in the other camp are probably the type of people who don’t understand what we’re about and won’t be sorely missed as followers. 

TCI: You’ve already formed an impressive presence within the Aussie music scene, having played alongside some of the top names on the hottest stages. What can we expect from Future Haunts next? 

BS: To say COVID has thrown a spanner in the works would be an understatement. The arts industry in general has had to re-think the way it operates with unpredictable border closures and ongoing live music venue restrictions. We’re really hoping things start to return to normal so we can get back to doing more shows and touring interstate. We’ll probably use any down time to keep writing songs and keep pushing forward for another release – maybe an album who knows. 

Future Haunts will be headlining at The Brightside Brisbane on Friday, July 2nd to celebrate the release of ‘Social Glue’. The band are also thrilled to share the ‘Social Glue’ lyric video by Neupure (Billy Fleming of Hockey Dad), alongside the single release. 

Listen to ‘Social Glue’ now on all streaming platforms!

Future Haunts
Future Haunts
Future Haunts 

What: Future Haunts ‘Social Glue’ Single Launch
Where: The Brightside Brisbane
When: Friday 2nd of July, 2021
How Much: $13.98 – BUY TICKETS HERE

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