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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | February 19, 2020

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Gender in the modelling industry

Agenda: Exploring fashion through gender

| On 18, Jul 2015

Gender is a prevailing controversial topic of this modern era, especially in the modelling industry.


Stereotypical roles of the female and male genders are obvious through photo-shoots and runway performances however this century is beginning to explore these stereotypes as blurring boundaries between what is considered normal in regards to what it means to be human.


Female ex-Olympic swimmer Casey Legler is breaking these boundaries of gender stereotypes as she explores the male modeling scene. 38-year-old Casey is recognized as the first female mens model with whom is currently signed with men’s Ford Models. Her compelling confidence and humble personality has lead to a thriving career in the artistic industry of fashion where gender is blurred as art encourages identities to be explored.



In conversation with vogue magazine, Casey describes her gender exploration as

“celebrating resilience and integrity- points of courage that perhaps we can all identify with.”


She goes on to examine her role in the Upside campaign entitled “be you” as helpful as it


“widens the space that women can take up, at least a space that’s closer to the one I belong to”.

She states that

“being feminine doesn’t exist because masculinity exists – it just is. And no matter what it looks like, it’s fierce and brave as hell”.


Another individual who embraces and explores gender boundaries is Australian model Andreja Pejić. Pejic is a transgender women whom until recently was billed as an androgynous male model, self-described as living “between genders”. Andreja’s beauty shines through her modeling shoots. Her confidence has allowed her to, in her words


“achieve (his) personal dream and completed (his) transition to be able to live life as a woman. (He) came out to the world and the press, then started rebranding and planning (his) comeback.”



Being renowned in the fashion world, there is no designer that would turn down an opportunity to work with the glamorous Pejic- especially as he is as comfortable modeling men’s ready-to-wear as he is women’s couture.


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