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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | August 7, 2020

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Get juicing this summer

Get juicing this summer

| On 27, Dec 2013

I hope you got a blender for Christmas because it’s time to get juicing!

Christmas is over and lots of us are probably looking back on the past couple of days and groaning at the amount of food we consumed. But never fear, 2014 is around the corner and I’m sure fitness and health is on the top of most resolution lists.

A great way to loose a few holiday kilos and boost your immunity for the new year is to add juices to your diet. This doesn’t mean sugary store bought apple juice but fresh, unpasteurised homemade juices. So why should you try juicing?

Drinking an abundance of vegetables and fruit in liquid form is not only a fantastic way to provide your body with all the great nutrients it needs but it makes it easy for the digestive system to absorb them and gives your gut a break. Juices can also rid your body of unwanted toxins and help beat the bloat when you’re heading out in a bikini!

So why not try out some Green juice recipes or even do a pre-made Juice Cleanse!